The one exercise akin to stair climbing ….
- ... that will lower your resting pulse rate quicker than anything else!

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Dear Reader,

Way back in the day, when yours truly slogged up the hill the first time with “Ann” Lee – whom I’ll always remember if for no other reason than to introduce me to the HILL – the almighty HILL I write about so much – and love so much – I wasn’t in the best of shape – and thats putting it politely.

Now, I was strong – don’t get me wrong. I used to lift weights and had a strong grip – as well as a strong upper body – but the bulge was literally expanding by the day if you get my drift.

My digestion was off – my legs were “somewhat strong” – or so I thought – and core? Forget about it, my friend.

Well, I was hammered the first time I climbed that hill – thats a story I’ve told you so many times that you probably remember it the first thing every time you work out, hehe.

My entire body was PULVERISED – in a good way.

“Can I do this daily”, I asked Ann. “Well, maybe not. I work late and … ” (the procrastination part of me speaking up there!).

“No excuses! You CAN do it daily!” was the tart response, and thus started the fitness journey – – of a LIFETIME, my friend.

I’ve detailed how I climbed that hill galore – late at night – early in the AM – multiple times a day – at noon – and the great shape it got me into.

Prior to this, my resting pulse rate was an unhealthy 95 – and after? I got it down to 70.

But sad as it may sound, I’ve had occasions where I have had to move to another city in China – or elsewhere – and did NOT have access to my favorite workout “tool” at that point.

I still stayed in great shape by running up stairs etc … but there was something missing, I always felt.

One day I saw some Matt Furey videos about Hindu Squats – and my first thought was “Gosh, that’s gotta be EASY”

“Can I really get in even better shape with those?”

If I had been like most people, I’d have knocked the exercise right there and then – but I didn’t.

The first time I did the squats RIGHT – I was so sore I couldn’t walk properly for two days.

That’s right – much like what happened the first time I slogged up the HILL!

And slowly as I progressed in this great, great exercise – – I developed versions of my own – – and started teaching it to my students all over the world – – and the results have been GREAT for everyone that has actually DONE the exercise as it SHOULD be done.

“Bodyweight exercises are too easy”, you hear people say.

Well let’s see you do a set of 50 Hindu squats, my friend – and then tell me how you feel the next day.

“I really can’t lose weight without at least half an hour of cardio”.

Fooey. Once you get to the point you can do 100 straight squats in less than 3 minutes, and then 500 straight in around 17 minutes (ideally 13-15, by which time you’ll be at Superman status!) – you’ll realize that quick’n’dirty – and HARD – workouts are the way to go when it comes to burning FAT, my friend.

Not to mention lowering that resting pulse rate – mine dropped to (believe it or not) – 60 after a couple of months of doing these every other day religiously.

Am I saying these are BETTER than the hill – or even running stairs?

No – but they’re not WORSE – they’re just as good in terms of overall fat loss and muscle building. Believe me, you’ll feel your chest and shoulders work too (I know, sounds strange, doesn’t it?) as you work up to higher reps of this great, great exercise.

My workout today was 2000 rope jumps interspersed with 200 squats, and I could have done it the other way around too – to make it tougher – much tougher!

Anything over 500 squats in a workout is no joke – BELIEVE me.

Anyway, I feel great. Had a bit of a case of the sniffles, and this heart pounding, sweat inducing, lard BURNING workout was JUST what I needed.

It’s just what you need too, my friend – but bear in mind – proper form is key on the Hindu squat – as well as many of the other great exercises I teach.

Jump on them NOW – right here –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In case my numerous tales about the mighty HILL enthrall you – then my workouts there will too. They’re detailed right here – –

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