“Too tight around the thighs – and TOO LOOSE around the waist!”
- - they dont make clothes like they should, hehe

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Dear Reader,

So, was engaged in a bit of conversation with my wife the other day.

It was about clothing for whatever reason, and I felt the need to bitch up a storm.

“Dang, these track pants”, I went. “I bought them at the end of 2018 – – and they’re already way, way too tight around the leg – – and too loose around the waist!”

Her response?

“Buy better brands and better quality!”

“Huh”, I replied. “Last I know, my Jockey training pants had the exact same, if not quite as acute, issue … as did my sports vests!”

And this problem gets even more acute, my friend – if the clothing I’m wearing has been purchased (note I’m not saying “manufactured”) in the country I’m in – that being China.

Apparently the apparel manufactures have forgotten that the Chinese (holy smokes, I know!) are getting FAT too – and a LOT of them.

And apparently those in the rest of the world have designed their clothes for the atypical “gym bodies”.

What do I mean?

Well, in terms of T-shirts and pants both – I end up having to buy one size too large.

For the T-shirts, this is to ensure that my shoulders don’t “break right through” the sleeve. Unfortunately this has the effect of making the waist “billow” if you get my drift!

And for the pants, it’s a struggle to get the thighs and ass in with the right size – but the waist goes all the way up my lower chest, hehe, if you can picture that!

Of course, this won’t cause any issues for the typical “beach body” gym goes with unnaturally scuplted “twelve” packs – a puffy chest – little to NO back development – and spindly “spinster like” or “pelican like” legs.

You may think I’m being a tad bit unkind here my friend but I’m not – look at the average “gym fanatic” supposedly “exercising” while seated on a padded seat pumping away furiously at the pec deck – and you’ll see what I mean!

It’s sad, but true. They don’t make clothes for those of us interested in REAL health, strength and fitness.

Those of us that have narrow waists – and keep on whittling it down even further while our shoulders, thighs and hips all increase in sheer SIZE and strength (not to mention the calves and forearms as well!).

Those of us that are built well with broad backs and a muscular, strong, rugged CHEST – – and have traps to boot as well.

Those of us with, … ah, but you get the picture!

So if you’re interested in “fitting into” your clothes right off the rack, my friend – then you might as well give 0 Excuses Fitness a MISS, and a ROYAL one at that. Join the gym and start pounding out some crunches – more power to ya!

But if you’re amongst the few interested in REAL health, STRENGTH – and fitness from the inside out – then you’ll gladly put up with the inconveniences I’ve listed above – and CONTINUE training the 0 Excuses way!

The choice is yours, my friend – but I know what I’d do. And if I were your brother, I KNOW what choice I’d give you!

It’s a no brainer my friend. Jump on the very best fitness program on the planet – right NOW – – and start CRANKING!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the above course – “Eat More – Weigh Less” is another little course that  is a must grab. Scoot on over here to do the needful — https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

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