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Dear Reader,

One of the reasons a lot of people don’t believe about the fat loss effects of bodyweight conditioning – is this – that a) they’ve been conned into thinking it’s “too easy – and b) more importantly from a fat loss perspective, they aren’t doing it RIGHT.

Way, way too many people equate bodyweight training with pumping weights in sets at the gym – and that right there is a huge mistake, my friend.

This morning my workout was my usual (while in “quarantine”, hehe) 2000 jumps and 200 squats.

I did NOT do the jumps straight. Contrary to what you might think working out daily doesn’t necessarily you increase the number of straight reps daily – if that were to be the case I would probably be at 200000 reps by now, hehe.

You CHANGE things up, my friend – you do so daily – and thats one key to burning fat like never before, and building a heck of a lot of functional MUSCLE.

(and feeling great too, but thats another story!).

I interspersed 250 jumps with 50 squats today – and went that way for the first part of my workout.

The second part was mixing in pushups WHILE jumping rope and doing a few stretches – and believe me, this hit my entire body like never before.

But I still haven’t gotten to the magic key, my friend.

That being this – you don’t DWADLE between sets.

You do NOT dilly – and you do NOT daddle – and you most certainly don’t spend 10 or 15 minutes “recovering” after each set of an exercise, for instance!

It’s NOT weight training, my friend.

It’s not pumping and preening (or as my friend from the Marines once so adroitly put it “puffing and buffing”.

It’s real training – and more to the point, its real CONDITIONING.

When you’re cranking out 250 pushups straight – you get it done as quickly as possible, and that, my friend is the key to burning fat like never before – not just the actual exercise itself.

One of the reasons my hill workouts are so effective isn’t so much the actual hill, but this – that when I’m out of breath – I always have another set of stairs to climb – that is staring me in the EYE, and goading me, so to speak – to GET IT OVER WITH!

To get it done as soon as possible.

And so even my “rest” periods – even when my heart feels like its going to thump straight out of my chest – include light walks up hill, or at least a couple of stairs.

No standing around, no selfies, and nothing of that nature my friend.

You KEEP GOING – and you keep BREATHING THE WAY I taught you in 0 Excuses Fitness (another massive key) – and that is how you burn MAX FAT – and build max MUSCLE.

And that, my friend is today’s tip – or should I say TWO. I’ve just given away two of my most valuable tips for free – and as for the third, you’ll have to crack open the System to see what I mean.

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – A couple of folks have asked me when I’m coming out with a course on jumping rope and all it’s variations. Well – it’s in the works – but for now – feast “yerself” on our latest “offering” right here, hehe – –

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