Popeye forearms
- And a few GREAT forearm builders!

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Dear Reader,

My forearms are TORCHED – a day after I literally “torched” them, hehe.

My fingers feel sort of numb, and the area towards the middle of my forearms feel tender and somewhat “swollen”.

The TOP of my forearms feel pumped – a day after working them.

And as I sit here, writing to you, my first thought was of dinner tonight – and what Im going to “chow down on”, hehe, is boiled eggs – and spinach.

Might not sound as appetizing as the slice (or wedge, I should say) of PIZZA I recently posted on my Instagram account – but hey – your body forgives the occasional transgression (as I’ve said in the Simple and Effective Diet) – but NOT continual, habitual ones.

(BTW, the Simple and Effective Diet is included FREE OF COST when you buy the 0 Excuses Fitness System – just a headsup!)

And now, since we’re talking spinach, on to popeye forerarms, hehe, or thats what it feels like at any rate!

Lots of folks think “pull-ups” when it comes to grip and forearm training – and while they ain’t wrong (pull-ups done right build a grip of STEEL – and VICE) – there are plenty of other ways to train that have just the same impact – if not more.

Today’s workout was rope jumping and fingertip pushups – and believe me, if you do it right – your fingers will feel like they’re about to fall off – and your entire forearm will be TORCHED – in a very small space of time.

You likely won’t even be able to turn the key in the door after such a workout – let alone do pull-ups (unless you’re a real super stud, hehe).

And back to spinach …

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and instead of having it delivered online which is my preference, I figured I’d walk outdoors and get it myself, just for a change.

And I took a couple of LARGE backpacks along with me.

It was a 25 minute brisk walk to the store I went to.

And a 25 minute walk back, with two LARGE bags overflowing with groceries, milk, curd and all the usual essentials – and spinach too, of course, hehe.

And what made this walk special – a farmer’s walk (modified) if I might say so is the GRIP workout I got in during it (remember, this after my morning grip workout).

I did NOT lug the bags on to my shoulder. I did not grip them with the regular grip.

No, I pinch gripped them (forefinger and thumb at times, sometimes all 5 fingers) in both hands – alternating the style of grip and kept walking at a brisk pace.

This is indeed the exercise that is called the farmer’s walk – and believe you me, this one exercise has so many variants I could probably write an entire book on it – and believe you me again, it will build the grip and shoulders like NOTHING else if done RIGHT!

And yes, even 25lbs in each hand starts to feel “heavy” after a while if you’re using just the thumb and forefinger!

More later, my friend – but the above should give you some FREE and very USEFUL tips on how to incorporate grip training into your own routine – and I’ll “rant” more on this issue at a later date as well, hehe.

For now – its adios – I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While spinach is an awesome “power food” (again, refer to the Simple and Effective Diet) – – it isn’t by far the only thing responsible for Popeye like forearms, hehe. The exercises in the Gorilla Grip manuals are – and here is where you can get your hands on them – https://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-the-compilation/

P.S #2 – If you enjoy fitness tips of the nature mentioned above, you’ll likely LOVE the 151 or so fitness tips in Fitness Central – the READER. Grab it right now – https://0excusesfitness.com/the-fitness-central-reader/

P.P.S – My bad – it was 153, actually!

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