Six pack – without a single crunch
- - and why crunches are the most useless exercise ever!

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Dear Reader

Back in the day, when I got into the best shape of my life, and indeed now – getting that six pack – – and that “V-taper” – -and everything associated – – was merely a by product of training the right way.

My goal was NOT looks. Indeed, I had no idea that  I would eventually end up getting a six pack (perhaps more, hehe) – I just did as a result of training the right way.

Now, although I’ve gotten hoarse from “yelling out from the rooftops” (and on emails) about the emphasis “should be” on training the whole body functionally from the inside out for REAL health – and STRENGTH – and fitness (hint – six packs alone don’t mean any of the above, and often times they AREN’T), not everyone is willing to listen.

Most folks have been so brainwashed by the modern day muscle mags, gym info-mercial with fitness models that did the exact OPPOSITE of what they advocate in order to get into the sort of shape they’re in – the so called “experts” and so forth – that (unfortunately) the look is ALL these folks train for.

Now, don’t get me wrong though. There are still a lot of you out there that train for health from the inside out – but ALSO want the look – and given the priority is #1 – nothing wrong with also wanting the second as a by product, and indeed tailoring your workout towards it.

There IS something wrong with working on the ONE exercise nigh everyone seem to jump up and down about in that regard, though.

That being – yes, the crunch. The almighty (not), much vaunted (UGH!), and utterly USELESS crunch.

You heard me, my friend.


I’ve made mention of the lat pulldown and the pec deck (another massive ugh!) as being one of the most useless machines (and therefore exercises) ever invented – but if I were to choose numero uno in that category, it would be, surprisingly enough, a bodyweight exercise – that being the crunch.

If I can call it an exercise, that is.

Exercise the way I see it works the entire body as a whole – the crunch ISOLATES (in itself a bad, bad thing).

Exercise is meant to reduce fat – or proper exercise is, at least. The crunch fails here as well as you barely even get out of breath when doing crunches.

Exercise is, or should be meant to, make you feel GOOD – buzzed – ENERGIZED – and the crunch fails miserably here too. All I feel when doing crunches by the dozen is an artificial, superficial “burn” in the upper abs – again useless because most folk store fat in the LOWER abs.

And newsflash here – if you’re thinking that crunches alone will get your muscles stronger – no – they won’t.

Neither will they build  a six pack. You could do thousands of them daily, but the real key is body fat for one.

The second key?

Well, I’ve mentioned it numerous times in my books and writings – especially in Corrugated Core, my friend.

It’s a muscle that needs to be trained – and strengthened – WELL – in order to really get that washboard abs look you’ve always wanted – and hint – that muscle ain’t what you’re thinking it is.

In fact, most have likely never ever heard of that muscle – – but believe me, done right, that ONE exercise in the “elementary” section of Corrugated Core will go a long, long way towards both reducing fat – improving digestion – getting rid of BLOAT – and yes, building a real six pack as well.

What is it?

Well, you’ll have to crack open the book for that – but for now, the above reasons should give you plenty of pause if you’re still on the wavelength of “crunches build the midsection”.

No they don’t – the sit up is far, far superior to crunches – especially some of the sit-ups I’ve shown in Corrugated Core – but even they’re NOT the real deal – and guess what – sit ups aren’t required as well to be honest, although you CAN work them into your routine if you so choose.

I’ll have more on this topic in future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a set of exercises that will get you them washboard abs, then being that “summer is a-approaching, my friend” – then Corrugated Core is the TICKET.

Get yours right here – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And don’t forget to pick up your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – which tells you another “best darn exercise” ever that will do more to build six packs than all the crunches in the world combined. Click on over to reserve your copy NOW, my friend –

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