Winning the battle of the BLOAT
- ... and the ONE superfood you NEED to be eating!

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Dear Reader,

Most of you out there have heard about (and experienced) the ever growing and ongoing “battle of the bulge”, hehe.

You know what I mean, right? No matter what you seem to do, that expanding arse – or fat around the midsection – or “turkey” neck – or “love handles” just don’t seem to go away.

If anything, they seem to “hide” for a while until your workout is done – and then re-appear with a BANG.

And while that is immensely frustrating – and while the truth is workouts that target the fat from the inside out are what really work in terms of getting rid of those pesky lard lumps forever and altogether – this problem is made worse by the “other battle” I’m referring to.

And that is the battle of the bloat. In other words, a bloated tummy – not necessarily overly fat in all cases, but BLOATED – or constipated – or “gassy” or a combo of all the above.

I’m sure you know what I mean, my dear reader. It seems to act up most of the time when you least expect it (think tummy rumbles while sitting in a meeting, hehe) – or perhaps when you’re not getting the food you normally eat while on vacation –  or just about any other reason.

And believe me now and trust me later, while exercise goes a long way towards curing said “ills” – embarrassing ills if there ever were any- it does not completely eradicate the problem.

The key to reducing bloat – as opposed to BULGE – is what you put into your mouth, my friend.

And there is ONE superfood in this regard that you really need to be eating – a superfood that will get rid of all “bloat” related problems once and for all.

Lets face it, folks. Even the most toned midsection looks out of place when bloated and/or constipated.

And though a lot of otherwise fit people suffer from this affliction, the good news is – it “dont” have to be this way.

… if you make sure to include that one super food in your diet at least three times a week – if not daily.

This ONE superfood is …

NOT mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet, and /or any of my courses out there until DATE.

NOT something that takes forever to prepare. In fact, its prepackaged usually (major mind bender there I know for those of you that have read my pieces on NOT eating packaged foods,  but exceptions do sometimes need to be made!)

NOT a fruit.

Not berries of any nature. No raspberries, dark colored “wasp berries” – blue berries – or any sort of berry. Though those are great, I ain’t referring to that here.

NOT lean meats.

NOT broccoli and green veggies (though again, those are a must have).

NOT meant to be eaten WARM (despite the amount of literature out there on how warm food benefits the system).

NOT cereals, rice or lentils.

And so forth. This food is something you probably see daily – yet overlook – and this is the ONE superfood you do need to be including in your diet, my friend, if you want to see results – and QUICK.

I’ll have more on this in the exclusive, “for doers only” 0 Excuses Ship – – so if you aren’t a member already – JUMP aboard – right now!

And while on that topic, remember that exercise is also key.

Combine what you learn from a diet perspective with the exercise part of things -and the results shall be MIND BOGGLING – and long lasting my friend.

Amen, and on that note – its adios for now! I’ll be back later. . .


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the ONE superfood, you need to also be on the ONE and ONLY – and very best – FITNESS system on the entire planet – that being the 0 Excuses Fitness System. Get on the stick now, my friend – –

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