Workouts done on your BACK
- - can be a great overall body workout!

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Dear Reader,

Today’s email may come across as a surprise (or the title might, anyway) to those of you that have been following me a while.

I emphasize (as you know) FULL body workouts – as opposed to isolationist movements like the bench press (yes, done on your back, hehe) – and workouts that give you a cardio/muscle building effect – in an “all in one” workout.

I’ve long railed against, and rightfully so the crunch – another worthless exercise done mostly on your back.

Not to mention the lat pulldown – done mostly while sitting on your bottom – another massive waste of time.

So, what do I mean by today’s title?

Well, for starters, my workout didn’t start off as planned today. My jump rope broke about three jumps in, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t fix the darn thing.

The rope had de-attached itself from the handle, and being I had no other jump rope – well – guess what I did.

Hindu squats – – a total of around 250 if I got that right – – and I mixed in “jumping” squats in as well into that workout.

That’s key, by the way – to mix in movements that involve jumping into your workout.

When you climb stairs, or run stairs, your body experiences movements through three dimensions – and while it’s not jumping – it really hits the entire body from the entire out (hence the results with exercises shown in Eat More – Weigh Less, for instance).

But when you jump exclusively for a large part of your workout – such as when you’re jumping rope – or on the mini-trampoline (a gizmo we don’t really need, but whatever) – you’re stimulating not just your fat burners – but your lymph nodes – kidneys – and many, many other things in your body.

I could go into more detail there, but suffice it to say that soccer players – amongst the fittest in the world – and boxers – and martial artists – and wrestlers – including workouts that incorporate jumping as a major part.

Anyway, being I didn’t have a jump rope I did jumper squats.

That’s right – squats while jumping – and for those that don’t know – these are an even more killer movement than regular Hindu squats.

And then of course, it was onto the “workout done mostly on my back”.

Or, the “turnover workout”, I should say, hehe.

The majority of this workout was the “reverse pushup”, my friend – a movement which taxes the entire upper body and spine – and the THIGHS and CALVES if done right – and the forearms as well.

Do these in high reps, and you’ll start to feel the cardio effect as well – especially when you mix them in with “table” pushups – another movement done mostly in a manner REVERSE to what most people associate with pushups.

And the reason I call this the “turnover workout” is that after every few sets of the above two exercises – I didn’t stop to rest – but turned over – and did regular pushups (or a variant – and there are so many, my friend – so MANY).

At the end of the 22 odd minutes, I did pushups for – I had gotten up to 200 odd pushups – and I was SOAKED in sweat.

The heart was RACING. The blood was POUNDING – or is it the other way around, hehe.

And I felt great. The cobwebs cleared. My annoyance at the jump rope “crapping out” during the workout all but disappeared. And as I toweled off, and threw my shirt off – I threw my hands up in victory – for ANOTHER great workout in the books.

Step by step, little by little, my friend.

The little victories are what add up to BIG victories – and consistency is key too, my friend.

And that’s today’s tale. Give these sort of workouts a whirl – you’ll be surprised at the changes in your entire body after just a few of them!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ve got plenty more such workouts for you in Pushup Central – a course you really must grab if you’re serious about burning off that ugly lard around your midsection – and turning it into solid MUSCLE. Here is where you can grab the little monster – –

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