Thump, Thump goeth that HEART!
- And so it should my friend - if you're doing things RIGHT.

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Dear Reader,

This morning, as I was pounding out Hindu squats (remember, my rope gave out) my heart was thudding away nineteen to the dozen.

POUNDING away should I say … so much so that it felt like a sledgehammer was buried deep inside of me, and before my muscles started to tire from the repetitions I was doing, the SWEAT started to roll off me – and how.

By the end of the squatting part of my workout I was soaked in sweat – this before a single pushup or anything else.

Now, this might seem strange to those of you that do a lot of “LSD cardio” – or long slow distance cardio.

Those of you that run on the treadmill bearing in mind the “80% target heart rate” limit proposed by the “experts”.

Those of you that pound the pavement.

And those of you that jog long and slow, long and slow – to “burn fat at the optimally recommended limit for 30 minutes a day”.

And while all of this is better than nothing – you’ll likely notice that you start sweating a lot later – as opposed to very early on in your workout.

And you’ll never have the “heart thudding away at your chest” feeling unless you go ALL out my friend – and THIS feeling, more than anything else is what tells you that you’re having a great workout – both in terms of building MUSCLE  and burning FAT (and improving your overall health beyond belief).

A good indicator would be this – “can you talk” during your workout?

If yes, then you’re NOT doing things the right way.

If you can, on the other hand, barely get a “word out sideways”, so out of breath are you – then chances are you’re on the right track, my friend.

And it’s this deep breathing – – this DEEP seated “heart pounding” effect that really cranks up the internal fat burners and starts to melt away that nasty VISCERAL fat around your internal organs – thereby making it a heck of a lot easier for everything else to get in shape.

It is THIS sort of a workout that releases plenty of “get young” hormones into your system – that literally “jolts” your body wide awake, and “tells it” to burn fat – and get YOUNG – and energetic!

And it is precisely THIS sort of workout that builds health – bone strength – and benefits the entire body like never before.

And I can think of no better exercise to achieve this effect than Hindu squats, my friend.

Done at the right pace, these give you the workout of their lives – especially when followed by Hindu pushups – a great exercise in it’s own right – and another great fat burner when you work up to reps beyond 40 or so at one go.

Great part about these exercises is this (hill climbing and hill sprints being another example) is that you don’t even have to workout daily if you don’t want to. You can do these 3x a week – or even 2x – and STILL get a LOT of benefits in terms of overall fat loss.

My current routine has me doing Hindu squats every three days or so, and I’ve never felt better my friend. And neither has my abdomen been quite as toned over the past few months as it is now – and given my hill climbs over the past few months – that is saying something, don’t you think??!

This doesn’t mean, of course that you “veg out” on the days you don’t go full bore. You still do SOMETHING – as I’ve mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness – do SOMETHING daily – and that is the best way to super health, strength – and fitness?

So, takeaway from today’s email?

Treat your body like a Ferrari. Blow it’s valves out WIDE OPEN when you workout – and you’ll be nigh amazed at the benefits you reap – in lesser time than you ever imagined possible!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, and an email of this nature would NOT, I repeat, NOT be complete without mentioning a course that contains tons of exercises that will do JUST what I said above – blow your body’s valves WIDE OPEN and then some – and crank up your internal fat furnace like never before. If I were you, I’d tell you to drop everything you’re doing, my friend – and HARE on over to this page right now – and get cranking –

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