More on the FARMER’s WALK
- .. And variations YOU can implement - in YOUR daily life!!

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Dear Reader,

I still remember my daughter when she was 5 years of age, and when I sometimes used to help her put on her clothes after a bath.

I still remember joking with her in winter in terms of the “layers of clothing” going on. As she said “Papa, do the countdown first!”

“First layer”, I’d intone, much as a robot would and she would giggle in child like, innocent amusement.

“Second layer coming up!”

And so forth, and while that was an interesting game, Id often pull her pants up to her “chest” (sort of like famer’s overalls) – – and refer to her as “Farmer”.

And she’d complain, of course – right to Mommy.

“Mommy, how dare he call me that!”

And after the mandatory scolding … Mommy dearest would remind her that being a farmer – – and growing your own food – – and being self sufficient is a good thing – – and that modern day farmers are just that – MODERN!

“No need to actually get your hands dirty all the time”, as she said, which may not be entirely accurate and not what I’d personally prefer either, but hey, whatever!

These days I call her SURVIVOR – and for those that read my last email as well as the one on “You’re a goddamned survivor” – – well, NO further explanations are in order.

And this evening, I did another variant of the exercise I’ve talked about a lot in the past – – in the subject line of today’s email – – a SUPERLATIVE exercise if there ever was one, and indeed one which (although “weights” are required) – – I love.

It isn’t weights of the kind you see in the gym of course. No barbells or dumbbells – – but plenty of heavy, hard to grab stuff – – such as a ton of GROCERIES, for that matter – – and given that the delivery services here around these parts have slowed down for whatever reason tonight (Coronavirus and all that) – – I figured I’d do a few walks up and down the stairs – -hilly “country” – – and back and forth from the store.

Well, after about 4 of these “jaunts” (yes – I STOCKED up!) – I’m “cooked”.

For those that aren’t aware, the farmers walk is a simple exercise where you take a heavy, unwieldly (preferably) weight in each hand and walk for time – and if you think that’s too simple – well – TRY it, my friend.

If you think it can’t be made tougher – try doing it on HILLs – or up and down flights of stairs.

Try carrying bags full of groceries – – or heavy 20 liter water bottles back home as I did in the Middle East (back when I was stationed there – – and as I wrote about on the old blog).

Try carrying 50 kgs worth of tea (unwieldy large packaging again) up and down stairs – – and rinse – – repeat – – in HOT weather.

Or, do what I did today and cram as many groceries as you can in a bag – walk back – rinse – repeat!

I could have taken a cab back and done it all at one shot, but hey, why spoil the fun??!

And now, as I sit here in “survivor” mode, hehe, my traps and shoulders feel like they’re got the workout of their lives.

My forearms are sore (expected). And though you wouldn’t think it to be true, my hips and thighs are sore too – this from the guy who hikes hills regularly!

And most of all – my CORE – – my ABS – – seem to be “popping out that much more” and as I sit here, I feel contented – the sort of “glow” you feel after a great, great workout – – and the best part – – it wasn’t even technically a workout!

And that’s the fun of working out the way I do. Always something new – – always that variety – and on that note – I’ll end this particular “tome”, hehe. If you haven’t already – grab your copy of 0 Excuses Fitness – it’ll get you in SHAPE for the sort of workouts mentioned above – and how!

Run on over now, and invest in the ONE program that will get you in the best shape of your life so quickly that you’ll wonder what exactly happened – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if you’re really looking to build them traps – and shoulders – well “Shoulders like Boulders” is just what the good ole doc ordered. Grab this bestseller right HERE – –

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