Be human – be YOU!
- .. and thats how - and why -people can relate to YOU!

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Over the past couple of days (well, around 28 hours) or so my sites have all been DOWN.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely back up online now, but the last three posts or thereabouts were ALL written while the site was down – – including this one.

Issues happen, sometimes those over which we (and by “we” I mean the guys at the data center, or whoever actually “houses” the server on which 0 Excuses Fitness and a few others are “sitting”) – – but how we DEAL with those issues is key.

Over the past day or so, and indeed every time there is an issue – – I get on “live chat” with the technies at the data center, and on numerous occasions I’m nothing but disappointed with the end result of the chat – – and why?

You might think it’s because of the annoying site outages. True, that’s one reason, but that ain’t the main reason by far. In fact if I were to be honest it doesn’t even rank as being ON THE LIST in that regard, if I might say so.

You may think it’s due to lost sales (no site, no sale obviously). Or simply annoyance at “it shouldn’t be happening if I paid”. And so forth.

None of that.

No, most of the time it is because when I talk to these guys – -and indeed a lot of customer service reps in general – it doesn’t feel like I’m talking to a human being that is actually interested in listening to what I have to say and SOLVING my problem (or trying to).

It feels like I’m talking to a robot – copying and pasting stock answers such as “We are sorry for the inconvenience”. And believe me, being a “techie” myself in a past life, I know that the software has an option to spit out pre-“programmed” responses at a click.

When I get on the phone – or on live chat – I want to make sure I’m talking to a HUMAN BEING.

There are two guys that I’ve dealt with over the past few years with regard to server outages etc (for whatever reason, its happened more times during the space of this year than it has over all the years I’ve been with these guys – reference the “survivor year” email again, hehe) – and although they haven’t always solved my problems instantly – I usually walk away from the chats somewhat satisfied and certainly not “worried”.


Because these two guys actually TALK to you. It’s not just a matter of copying and pasting responses when you talk to them. I’ve even got into mini-arguments with them … hey, it happens! In the heat of the moment, and all that … but at least they’re HUMAN – and that is what counts!

That is the real foundation of good customer service – something which most companies fail to recognize – Amazon being one very notable exception to the rule. If there’s one company in the whole world that I’d unabashedly praise for having GREAT customer service – its Bezos brainchild Amazon!

Lots of people have asked me about my “brash” and “brutally frank” style – – both while writing and while talking to people in person.

Lots have asked me to “tone it down” – – and be more “politically correct” – –  and curiously enough, over the years, it’s been family members that have constantly asked me to do this.

And my answer – – or response?

No way, Jose.

I am who I am – – take it or leave it. What you see is indeed what you get – – and that, my friend is a lesson YOU too would do well to learn – and take on board.

When people deal with you – or buy your products – or talk to you – or come to you for help with fitness (an example) – they want a HUMAN being – a real, authentic HUMAN being on the “other end of the line” as it were (I’m using examples from my own fitness coaching biz here, but this applies to any business).

People want to feel as if you’re real. People want to know that it’s a real person that has been there, done that – and will help them resolve their issue – and most importantly, be there WITH THEM as they “work towards a fitter themselves”, for instance.

And most of all, people want the real scoop – said DIRECTLY – without a dozen or even one “rounds around the mulberry bush”, if I might say so.

Incorporate this philosophy into your own life, and business dealings – – and you’ll notice that folks will follow you until the end of the world to hear what you’ve got to say – – because you’re giving it to them STRAIGHT – and that – at the end of the day – is what counts!

OK, my friend, that’s all for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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