There’s no time better than NOW!
- - Do away with procrastination - TODAY!

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So, I suddenly remembered an instance a while ago when I was chatting with my daughter – – and she asked me to “take a look at her drawing”.

Now, my daughter has many hobbies as it were. Basketball, swimming, painting … and of course watching VIDEOS galore on the dreaded dumb phone, hehe (if there ever WAS or IS a bane for kids in the modern day world, the dumb phone IS IT) – – and DRAWING as well.

We’ve encouraged her from childhood in all the hobbies except one – and I think you can nigh guess which one!

Anyway, all creative hobbies including READING – – and all GOOD thing for you as a parent (if you have kids) or even teacher (if you TEACH young kids) to introduce your kids to.

And not only introduce – ENCOURAGE as well – instead of “tear down” as was done many a times during my own childhood. You build up a kid’s confidence when the kid is young – – and it STAYS with the kid the rest of their life without even trying.

Of course, you TOO as an adult can reverse this “damage” (and believe me, a lot of us carry inner scars we ain’t even aware of) – – but best for the problem not to occur in the first place!

Anyway, where was I?

Ah, the art.

And yes – it wouldn’t be a stretch to call my daughter’s drawing “art” (or “paintings”, should I say). She draws the most unique things – imagination UNFETTERED as it were.

Some of her drawings (all gifted to a grateful “Papa”, hehe) were of a house under the trees with the sun shining brightly above, and mountains in the background.

Another one that stands out in mind is the “I love you” heart she drew …

And the one in this instance was her piano … a colorful, artistic indeed representation of a piano.

“Dad, could you come look at this for a minute?”

Being I was busy (my daughter is about to paint a picture of “gremlin” furiously tapping away at his keyboard, hehe – – I’ll be sure to share that when that happens!!), I said “soon”.

“Oh God, you’re busy again!” my daughter said, “sighing” in an exaggerated manner. “You’re always busy!” (and then she put on a play face, and enacted me tapping away at the computer – hilarious!).

And unlike other times, she grabbed my hand.

“No better time than NOW, Dad!”

And while I did eventually get back to my writing – it got me to thinking.

Little kids are spontaneous, and we as adults have a lot to learn from them.

If there is something you really, really like – or want to do – then just “frigging” do it – NOW – without procrastination – or other excuses!!

When it comes to fitness, of course, this is another truism.

“I need to do my pushups, but … “

“I didn’t work out today. I’ve got a few minues, but should I … or should I … would I … could I …”

“I haven’t been working out in ages, and the quarantine is making me fat!” (wail, wail …).

And in ALL these cases – and more – the above truism applies.

Just DO it – NOW!!

I live my entire LIFE based upon this philosophy, my friend. This morning I wanted to share a testimonial with you – and there was no better time than the “then” in which to DO it.

I wanted to share what I just did with you – – and there is no better time than NOW in which to do it!

If I have an idea for a product – – a course – – or something else I want to do, I do NOT dilly, daddle or “muck around for ages” deciding “if I should follow through”, or “if it will be worth it” – – or so forth – – I just listen to my inner voice, and just do it.

That last bit might sound strange to some of you, but believe me now and trust me later, most successful people have the knack of trusting their GUT and making QUICK decisions based upon their gut.

Henry Ford for one was famously known for being a quick decision maker – – and notoriously, if at all, slow to change his decisions (to the point that he was known as “stubborn” – – but hey – – we can’t argue with the results he achieved, can we??).

Getting back to it – –


Napoleon Hill famously stated in “Think and Grow Rich” that procrastination was an enemy to be avoided at ALL COSTS (in terms of success and getting RICH).

And this applies regardless of whether you’re trying to get rich – write a book – draw something – learn a new skill – or GET FIT!

There truly is no better time than now, my friend – and having said that, I think I’m going to pump out 50 pushups before a late lunch.

So should you – and I’ll see you “on the other side”, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More in terms of “there being no better time than now” – – there is a MASSIVE OFFER I have going on on the  0 Excuses Fitness System – – which will end very soon – – in about a day or so I think, after which the price goes up, up and UP. Grab it at the price it’s been offered at NOW, my friend.

P.S #2 – Yes – NOW!

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