“I’d be wasting my time!”
- Those abs can take it!

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I’ve spoken before about the ex-Marine I met – – and how we met, and how we became good friends down the line.

I have spoken before of the sheer “impact” this man had on me when we first met. First impressions COUNT – big time – and let me just tell ya, when I met this dude – the first impression was anything but what you get from meeting the “average” man out there.

When I meet the average man “on the street”, what I see in most people’s eyes is the following (to be honest, and at a bare minimum)

  • Resignation – -both in terms of LIFE – – and health – and overall FITNESS LEVELS, and the corresponding VIBE.
  • A “defeated” look in the eye. As a UFC trainer in a Bollywood potboiler once said “Don’t bring this man to me for training! I don’t train dead men!” (this was actually a hit Bollywood movie “Sultan” – – not sure if you have heard of it, but it was one of the blockbusters of the year whenever it came out – – and no, yours truly does NOT know when – – I ain’t a movie buff for the most part, hehe).
  • A flabby upper body – – rolls of fat around the midsection (you know, those unsightly bloated bellies, muffin tops and “thunder thighs” – – and yes, men are as much a culprit in that regard as women are) …and usually a “Pelican like” impression (i.e. gigantic bloated upper body on “stick like” – by comparison! – legs).


And so forth. None of this, of course was applicable when I saw HIM though. This man was as rugged as they come, and had a confident look about him – – and along with that “kung fu” like grip I’ve so often spoken about (man, I still remember that first day when he almost pulled me off balance, something most people are NOT able to do) … a look of having been in the trenches, as it were.

Anyway, we became good friends and I was talking to him one night over a couple of beers.

We were talking about another acquaintance, a guy that’s a damn good boxer if there ever was one, but a guy that is unfortunately also fat and out of shape.

“He could knock your damn lights out”, my friend noted.

“Sure could”, I laughed, and I meant it.

And then I started to say it, but stopped – – but I need not have.

“But yeah, I know what you were going to say” my buddy continued.

“Yeah? What?”

“He’s flabby around the middle. I agree. Soft around the middle, rather…”

“Indeed”, I said. “He is as skilled a BOXER as any, but in terms of overall fitness levels and lard lumps – – well – – he has got some DOING to do, my friend”.

“Let’s see him take a couple to the gut!” my friend said.

And then I asked my friend to “hit me in the midsection”.

“Give me a couple”, I said, laughing. “Let’s see if I can actually take it” (and believe me, I wasn’t sure I could – despite the shape my midsection is in – – I am NOT sure and WAS NOT sure it could withstand King Kong striking it, if you get my drift!)

“Nah. I’d be wasting my time”, laughed my friend.

“No, really. Try it”.

He “felt” my abs a bit.

“Pointless” he laughed. “I’d take you down another way!”

And that, my friend was a TRUE CONVERSATION – – and if a man that is as skilled physically as they come – – and in as good a shape as any – – has that to say – – well – you better BET  it’s TRUE!

And one of the exercises that will get you there is the almighty pull-up, my friend.

If you want a midsection from hell, and a ripped core – along with gorilla like grip strength and traps that look like MOUNTAINS extending from your ears to shoulders – then you need to get DAMNED good at the pull-up, my friend.

And why am I telling you all this?

When I first wrote the “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks” book in 2011, I had literally NO idea it would take off like it did.

Folks were going crazy over this down to earth training manual that put to paid much of the misinformation out there on this great exercise.

When I REPURPOSED it in 2017, with ADDED sections – and when I included my OWN EXPERIENCE – well, let me just say that the feedback I got was OFF THE CHARTS, my friend. Quite literally. Folks were getting great results in a very short period of time – and were going bonkers.

I figured I’d stop there, though. I mean, why fix what ain’t broke, right?

But I was WRONG, as I often am.

Although the initial course was extremely successful, there was those that wanted MORE.

There were those that wanted to get from STUD – to SUPER STUD level at pull-ups and replicate MY OWN gains while doing this AWE INSPIRING exercise – in ways they had never dreamt of before.

There were those that like me, wanted to get to the point where they could bang out 100 plus pull-ups in a workout – day after day – month after month – and barely feel it.

And so for these elite folks – – I put out “Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER STUD” – – another extremely well received training course. People took a while to get used to the unique nature of the exercises, but oh my – the GAINS??

If they were off the charts before, they were off and into outer space NOW.

And now, you ask – why did I put this compilation out?

Well, some people wanted “everyone in one place”.

Others wanted a “bit of reduction” in the overall price.

Yet others wanted “all the information together” before they started – – and wanted “motivation” to go on and GET ’em – – and they found that motivation via the pictures in the advanced course (hint – yes, yes, and yes – you CAN EXPECT to get in THAT kind of shape, if not better, once you implement the advice in these courses and get cracking).

For years I “vacillated”, and did nothing about these requests. Again, why fix what ain’t broke?

But now I HAVE, my friend. I HAVE NOW – and I’ve put out a compilation on pull-ups that contains not just my two BESTSELLING BOOKS on pull-ups – – but also a BRAND NEW “FAQ” section that alone is probably worth more than the pittance I’m charging for this course.

If you’re a pull-up fan – – in any way, shape or form – you’ll want to grab this NOW – instantly – immediately.

Do so right now and right HERE, my brother – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As my daughter recently said, there is NO better time than now, and the same applies HERE. Grab this “once in a lifetime” opportunity to take your pull-ups to the next level and beyond – – right HERE – –https://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/

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