Punch PROOF midsection
- ... with little else other than concentrated deep breathing!

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In the last email I spoke at length about a midsection that could take blows to it (delivered with FULL FORCE) and then some … and today, I’ll continue on in the “same vein”, hehe.

I don’t know if you have heard of it, but in 1912, an American wrestler and (originally) farmer) known as “Farmer Burns” came out with a FANTASTIC little course called “Lesson in Wrestling and Physical Culture) in which he explained fully his methods of exercise and devoted entire Chapters to the art of wrestling – – and more (diet etc) – but wait.

Just who is this “Famer”, you may ask?

Well, he’s the legendary strongman of yore that had a 20 inch neck and has been WITNESSED to survive a – get this – SIX foot hangman’s drop.

He was lean and mean well into his 70’s, and wasn’t anyone to trifle with even back then. And he was BIG, as many wrestlers are (or most) on one of the BIGGIES that I repeatedly mention in 0 Excuses Fitness – – that being the BRIDGE and all it’s variations.

This one exercise alone can amp your midsection to the point where you’ll be blow torching fat off so quickly you’ll wonder where it all went – IF you do the exercise right – – and part of that involves DEEP BREATHING.

As the Farmer rightly said, and as I keep saying in 0 Excuses Fitness – – and all my other courses (including pull-ups, which is an exercise most think does NOT lend itself to deep breathing – – but it DOES, my friend – – it does!),

“Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man well, and many a weak man STRONG”.

And while that might sound incredulous, it really isn’t my friend.

Yesterday, I spoke about pull-ups – – and how they can give you abs that you never dreamed of – – but here is the good news, and what I want to mention NOW.

There is ONE exercise – a FORGOTTEN exercise (even by the mystics, so called expert and yogis) out there that will have literally the same EFFECT – and that ANYONE, even if you’re in bad shape – or pathetic – or even if it’s your grandmother we’re talking about –can DO and start benefiting from almost instantly.

It ain’t a pushup, and it aint a crunch or pull-up.

It requires NO equipment, and it is done while standing on your feet – – and BREATHING – – and focusing upon your breath.

And its NOT any of the exercises that is likely coming to your mind when you read this – and the BENEFITS, you ask?

Well, let me quote the ole Farmer.

My own abdominal muscles are soft enough when relaxed, but when I “set” them the muscles are as hard and rigid as the muscles of my arms or legs. … Nothing better for abdominal development than deep breathing and holding the breath.”

Well, well, well.

Note the last sentence. Nothing better than deep breathing, eh? So all of that stuff I’ve been parroting in ALL my courses – – it does have some basis, eh?

Of course it does – I just put that here for added “proof”, hehe, but the point is this – that if you’re looking to build that rock solid, IRON CAST MIDSECTION – – a PUNCH PROOF MIDSECTION as it were, then you simply need to partake of this exercise I’ve mentioned above – as well as another than can be done “sitting” down as it were (but in my opinion, that is NOT as beneficial as this one).

And even if you don’t want a “punch proof” abdomen (and who doesn’t??) or are NOT interested in combat sports – – well – – I’m sure you ALL want that six pack, and less FAT around the midsection, don’t you?

Jack La Lanne once coined the phrase “Your waistline is your LIFELINE. You should never let it get bigger than it was in your PRIME” – – and he was right, my friend.

Imagine the sort of shape YOU will be in if you incorporate this advice into your lifestyle NOW – – and start cranking out the exercises that will GET you there. Hey – I know – – I’ve been there, done that, as I’ve stated so many times before!

What if YOUR waistline gets to the point (like mine did and HAS) – – where you are in FAR better shape – – 10 or MORE years down the line than you were “in your prime”?

Would you not enjoy that? I bet you would, my friend!

And looks aside, note what the Farmer says about the muscles being “soft” normally.

You do NOT want muscles that are unnaturally set or rigid all day long – – unless you want major league problems down the road in terms of energy blockages in your body, and DYSFUNCTIONAL musculature.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. I believe it was Muhammad Ali that said that, but the saying holds true – – and the meaning is much the same as what I’m saying.

True POWER does NOT come from being “tense” – – it comes when your mind, body and muscles are relaxed – – much like a tiger’s in the wild – – coiled, yet relaxed, and ready to spring at a MOMENT’s notice.

And the same holds true for your abs, my friend.

These are but TWO of the great, great exercises I’ve mentioned in Corrugated Core – – a course that has brought great results for my students thus far (I’ll be sharing another testimonial shortly as I did with Pushup Central a day or so ago) – – and it will bring great results for you too, my friend.

Grab it right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – – Right here, my friend. Summer’s almost UPON us – – and you don’t want to miss out – – make sure you are in the sort of shape where you’re not embarrassed to take your shirt off at the beach, hehe. Grab Corrugated Core right HERE and get cranking – NOW!

P.S #2 – Some of you have written in and told me that the “clock be a ticking”, as it were, in terms of the special offer price the course is currently on – and currently will last for another 40 minutes or so. I don’t know if this price will last beyond that time – so again – jump on it NOW my friend. Strike while the iron is HOT – right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/corrugated-core/

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