“If you take 100 steps after each meal, you’ll live to 99.”
- Not meant to be taken literally - but it's TRUE for the most part!

Way back in the day, I believe this was in 2008 – – the year of the “global crash” if I recall correctly, hehe – – I was talking to a colleague of mine.

When I say colleague, of course, bear in mind this was when I worked full time – – “back when I still did so” – – at an I.T. company (not THAT one I refer to so often!!).

Boy that seems like another lifetime ago. If there is one thing I couldn’t handle right as of now, it is “working for another person” – – and that, my friend, is a feeling of mine you can take to the BANK – either literally or otherwise!

Anyway, it was after lunch – -and I usually used to, for whatever reason, eat sandwiches at the time, and then go out for a bit of a stroll outdoors to kill time before it was time to clock back in.

Sometimes though, when I was busy, I’d use this opportunity to get some extra work done – – so I didn’t have to clock overtime (ugh!).

And during one of these times, I was gently chided by a colleague.

“Don’t sit down! You just ate!”

“Oh, I’m a little busy right now buddy”, I replied.

He looked at me.

“That’s fine, but remember the saying I told you a couple of days ago …”

Now my colleague was Indian – – and being this was an Indian company I worked for, I learned plenty of “traditional” Indian sayings there, and one of them rang NIGH TRUE to me the MINUTE I heard it.

“Walk a 100 steps after every meal, and you’ll digest your food much much better!”

This struck home for me, especially being I’ve lived in mainland China for most of my adult life. A popular Chinese saying is this –

Fan hou bai bu zou, huo dao jiu shi jiu” (飯後百步走,活到九十九). This translates to, “if you take 100 steps after each meal, you’ll live to 99.”

And while it’s not meant to be taken literally – it’s TRUE.

Walking, my friend is a highly, higher UNDERRATED exercise in many ways.

It builds muscle if done right (ok, not the amount of muscle other exercises build, but still) – – and it burns FAT galore – -all over your body – -if done right.

And in terms of building muscle, I take BACK what I just said as I recall my daily walks in China, and they got me into the very best shape of my life – – lightning quick!

My thighs literally turned into SOLID PILLARS OF STEEL – -and that ain’t no exaggeration after just a few walks up that hill – – think of what happened down the line, hehe.

And even if you aren’t interested in building muscle – walking burns LARD – and tons of it, if you do it regularly, and in a way that pounding the pavement and running on the treadmill cannot duplicate.

And it does so without the repetitive pounding your knees and ankles are subject to during pavement pounding or lengthy jogs – – and more importantly, it does so without “frying your internal organs” (and if you don’t believe me there – – well – – take a look at the dried out skin and overall health levels of those that run marathons regularly).

Now don’t get me wrong. If you want to run a marathon, by all means train for it – – and run that damn thing. All I’m saying is it should NOT be a cornerstone of your regular training regimen.

And last, but not least – – if you’re in the sort of shape that even getting into a pushup position – – or bending backwards a quarter of an inch is an IMPOSSIBILITY (and yes, that is the REALITY for a lot of folks) – well – walking has you covered there as well.

You’ll burn fat, and lose weight … and you’ll get into better condition which will allow you to then build and get in EVEN better condition – – and so forth!

Last, but not least, don’t underestimate the MENTAL benefits.

Some of my best ideas have come while working out – – and walking has always been involved. Books, courses, new exercises – – or new “positions” (haha, I’m kidding!) … you name it, and workouts that involve walking, and a lot of it, have always “inspired” me to new heights of creativity if I might say so, and done right, they will do the same for you too!

In fact, I got this idea (to write this email to you) while taking my “100 step walk after lunch” – albeit indoors, hehe, due to the virus shutdown.

Last, but not least, if that shutdown has forced YOU indoors as well – -and given the state of affairs globally, it likely has – – you still have NO excuses left, my friend.

Walk indoors. Walk around the table. Walk around your furniture.

A Chinese guy recently went viral for “losing weight while running around the furniture in his house umpteen number of times”, and while I don’t know the specifics – – well – it just shows that where there is a will – there is always a WAY!

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There is a right way to walk – -and a wrong way. Yes, you heard me. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other has NUMEROUS, MANIFOLD benefits, and it is key to walk the right way. Note – most people don’t! It’s something I cover in Eat More – Weigh less – – and it’s something you really need to learn if you’re serious about fitness and losing weight – – and getting into the best shape of your life. Get this course right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

P.S #2 – Heard they recently had a “one day voluntary curfew” of sorts in India. I have no idea what that would accomplish other than PANIC – – something the PM of the country himself was cautioning against – – and yet, here is this curfew, which none other than the PM exhorted the entire country to follow, if just for one day. Now my question is this – what would that accomplish? Virus gone in one day? Good marketing?? OR … I must admit, some of these measures taken globally have me stymied!

P.P.S – In fact, if he’d exhort the country’s citizens to WALK more – something EVERY country should do – then they’d likely be better prepared in terms of immunity against the virus – – and the REAL pandemic – obesity – – would be far more under control than it is NOW! Ah well …

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