Are we all focusing on the WRONG THING?
- ... fight infection ... with IMMUNITY!!

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I don’t know what it is these days, but I’ve pretty much stopped “talking” to the vast majority of folks these days (except those on my list, my customers, family and so forth).

The world, for whatever reason is becoming more and more “polarized” (which is NOT a good thing globally) – – “isolated” (again, a BAD thing) – – and (worst of all, to me) – – logical thinking seems to have all but stopped.

While the signs were nigh years ago (folks laughed at me at that time when I mentioned all this. HA!), the recent COVID-19 going around is basically the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of all this.

Half the people I know on social media are complaining that Republicans are the ones that can get the virus under control. Some are parroting Donald Trump’s initial line about “it being a hoax perpetuated by liberals”. Or something to that effect.

The Dems seem to be whinging about the fact that the “aid package” the government offered wasn’t run by THEM first before introducing it (if it’s been formally introduced to Congress as yet, that is). As if that would have helped anything. HA!

With regard to the rest of the world, you have one half claiming that the virus is literally “nothing to worry about” – – and the other half acting as if they’ve all already been struck down by lightning.

And as lockdowns due to the #covid19 accelerate globally (and as China still hasn’t returned to normalcy fully – not all parts of the country, at any rate) – it got me thinking.

Rather than these extended lockdowns – and “social distancing” (and don’t get me wrong, all of those are precautionary measures we should be taking … but rather than all of THIS – wouldn’t we (as a “globe”) be better off focusing on HEALTH – and FITNESS more than anything else?

This virus and indeed most others only really hit those with weak immune systems – social distancing or not – and the majority of people that contract it – newsflash – ACTUALLY – recover!

I’m not saying that governments around the globe are overreacting – but what I AM saying is this – there are better things to focus upon to stop the spread of the virus (and NOT be affected by it if you come in contact with an infected person – that being HEALTH AND FITNESS).

We keep hearing about “stimulus” packages – – and governments (China is one prime example) “pumping money into the system” to keep things going.

Sometimes that can be a good thing in some regards, but in the vast majority of cases guess what happens – inflation with a capital I when “non-existent” cash is pumped into an already strained financial system.

Then we have the global panic going on – and people stocking up (and fighting over) things as asinine as “toilet paper”. I recently saw a video of two (corpulent, I must say) ladies literally fighting tooth and nail over a 12 pack of toilet paper – – much like happens on Black Friday etc – – I kid you NOT!

And last, and not least – this mask nonsense. I’ve seen pets here wearing masks … and what truly astounds me is that the masks I see most people wearing aren’t even the N95’s that (may) stop you from contracting the disease.

They’re the regular surgical masks which the CDC and pretty much EVERY doctor out there – – and medical organization  – – have very clearly said are a “last resort measure”, if even that. And even the N95’s as far as I know haven’t really been approved for extended use as they’re being used now.

Amidst all this panic buying, “social distancing”, “global shutdown” and so forth – I truly believe we’re FORGETTING to focus on the one thing that is most important – EXERCISE.

Sure, staying at home may reduce your chances of getting the virus – – but judging by what I am seeing and hearing from most people, it does ZILCH in terms of reducing your chances of contracting other health related issue – obesity related issues, for one.

Not to mention falling ill from other issues, as people stay home, NOT moving – – and shoving unhealthy food down their gullet (all the while making excuse about “well, we’re stuck for now”) …

So again, the question begets – are we really focusing on the right thing?

I’ve spoken before about focusing on what you WANT – – not what you don’t – – and the vast majority of folks out there seem hell bent on the latter rather than the former!

Instead of constantly focusing on the virus which seems to have headlined just about every news outlet out there – would we NOT be better off focusing on things like WALKNG, for instance – – which is the best tonic you can provide for your immune system – and not to mention overall health, strength and fitness levels?

Or DEEP BREATHING, for one.  As Farmer Burns famously once said, deep breathing alone made many a sick man weak, and many a weak man strong!

Or, pushups. Do a 100 pushups a day religiously for a year, and chances are you won’t contract ANY sort of virus – – or flu – – or whatever it is for the ENTIRETY of the year – – and no, that is NOT an over-exaggeration whatsoever!!

Again, no, I’m not “criticizing” government responses to this – and I’m not saying it’s not serious. And I’m not even getting into the “whys and wherefores” and (as one reader recently emailed me saying) “airy fairy stuff about the Universe and it’s laws” (no, it’s NOT “airy fairy” – – its actually as scientific as anything else you’ve read, but all good for now!).

What I AM saying is this -we’re focusing on the WRONG things as a GLOBE.

The first thing we SHOULD think of, and hear about upon waking up is our OWN health and fitness levels – -and that, my friend, is today’s message.

Do so – and ignore the “noise outside”- and I guarantee you that you’ll be far, far better off for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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