“Do it for one hour first!”
- ... Eat a bear - a BITE at a time!

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Dear Reader,

So, I’ve been busy pretty much all morning ever since I arose from a deep, dream filled slumber around 11:30 AM or so.

Bright and early as you can tell, and yet another proof behind the FACT that you don’t necessarily need to do it “any one way” to succeed!

Some do it by waking up early. Some late. Some lose weight by pounding the pavement and cooking their internal organs in the process.

Others do it by … but hey, I’m at risk of “losing the plot” yet again, hehe.

What can I say – – I’m a writer! So much to say, so little TIME and PAPER in which to do it, seemingly …

Anyway, as we sat around the lunch table, my daughter was it as usual – NOT eating – and on the dumbphone, which she’s seemingly been on for ages – ever since she herself woke up at 11 that is (thank you, COVID-19 lockdowns – NOT!).

“No more phone, Barb”, I admonished gently. “It’s  been hours. Do some reading … or some coloring, or painting, or whatever…”

“Can I draw”, she replied.

“Of course you can! Finish your lunch quickly, and then go draw for an hour or two” I replied. “It’s good for you, sweetie!”

“Two hours …” she mused, crinkling her nose in that cute manner kids have …

“Dad, how about one”, she riposted shortly thereafter. “Can I do it for one hour? Two is, uh … too long…”

Not when she’s watching videos on YouTube apparently, but I let that slide!

“Do it for one hour first, honey, and then take it from there”.

And as I type here, I’m pretty sure (in fact, I AM sure) she’s sitting there in HER room hammering out a drawing (if drawings can be “hammered out”, that is – I ain’t no artist, so I don’t know that one!).

But here is the reason I’m mentioning this seemingly insignificant occurrence.

It’s because we as adults need to LEARN from this – – and on a daily basis, at that, a lot of us.

It’s because we as adults, again, most of us need a daily dose of “Eat a bear – but one bite at a time!”

Folks have often queried, jaws gape, as to how I get SO MUCH writing done for 0 Excuses Fitness – – but their jaws would literally drop and detach and fall to the floor if they knew I had ANOTHER VENTURE – – which involves about 10 times the “work” (if I might call it that – – it sure don’t feel that way to me!) in terms of writing and putting out products.

And when I’m in the flow – – even my (ex) publishers from that venture would agree that I truly become an UNSTOPPABLE force of nature – – something that most people can only marvel at in terms of output.

Same thing for fitness – – climbing hills – – pushups – – or whatever, and I say this NOT to blow my own bugle, my friend – but to tell you that amazing as it might sound – – YOU TOO can do it – – and surpass me if you so choose!

And the keys are simple. One of course is being in the flow and writing from the heart (alone a book unto itself, since most people CANNOT grasp this concept easily) – -and two, and perhaps more importantly, breaking a task down into small bites.

I’ve got a product to put out this afternoon, and I’ll start with the easiest part. Then I’ll move to the toughest part. Then the part in between.

And voila – – within an hour or two that product will be READY – and SELLING LIVE. Sure, it doesn’t involve pictures etc or it would take longer, but you get the point, my friend.

In terms of fitness, way, way too many people look at the “big” picture first and get disheartened and this isn’t hard to understand, especially when a lard ass that hasn’t done pushups in years looks at the numbers I mention regularly.

Well, how about just 15 minutes, my friend – and that includes getting used to the workout?

How about 10 – or -8 – or even FIVE? Surely we all have five minutes, no?

How about TWO minutes? YES, you CAN get mini workouts in in two minutes as well.

The point isn’t that I’m advocating workouts that last just two minutes. The point is this – you start small, and build from there.

You BUILD momentum as you go along, and that bear gets eaten – bite by bite!

And that, my friend is ONE key to success that you really must emblazon in your mind – or print out, and look at DAILY.

Look at it daily multiple times, and the word “procrastination”- – both in terms of FITNESS – and LIFE – will be nigh GONE from your vocabulary – – and you’ll be destined for one thing and one thing alone – – success – – at whatever goal you set for yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, and by the way you’re confused about the whole “15 minute” or “5 minute” thing – – well – – do me a favor, and TIME the workout video in the System – – and THEN get back to me, hehe. But do NOT skip straight to the videos without watching the other instructional videos FIRST, my friend. Tackle that grizzly – – one step at a time – – and START NOW by investing in the System – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/

P.S #2 – By the way I’ve got a new product planned already – – FITNESS related, don’t worry. Hehe. Two, actually. And the FIRST one of this is a book tailored towards kids – especially applicable these days since the COVID-19 shutdowns have started accelerating GLOBALLY. Kids are getting FAT as it is – mine isnt – but the point is we need to fight THIS epidemic as a whole – it’s far more serious than the COVID-19 outbreak IMO – – and the best way to fight BOTH is EXERCISE, as I’ve said many times before.

Without further ado, stay TUNED for a product on KIDS FITNESS – AT HOME – and if you’re interested – notify me – I’ll make sure to give you a 10% discount off the offer price if you email me NOW and place a pre-order!

P.P.S. – Look for this product to be out shortly – within a week or so perhaps – followed by MORE products. YEEEAHH!

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