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Many years ago, back when I was a computer science student (and not a very diligent one, hehe) back in school, I had a professor during my senior years known as Dr. Ray Seyfarth.

He taught a course that I believe I damn near flunked – “artificial intelligence”.

Actually, I DID flunk for all practical purposes. The University required a grade of C or above for the course to count towards your GPA, and while I didn’t get an “F” – – I got a D, which meant I had to retake the course.

That darn course postponed by graduation by a semester, and luckily the next prof I had Dr. Ali was benevolent enough to pass me with a “C”, hehe. Perhaps he just got tired of seeing the long haired “Jesus” (back as my cohorts liked to call me, hehe) sitting in class, half asleep. Who knows!

Anyway, the reason I mention this is NOT my own tardiness.

It’s because this guy had a RAMROD straight posture and a demeanor that SET HIM APART in many ways from his colleagues (the other profs).

While most of the other profs had massive bellies and were usually slouched over (with the notable exception of one Dr. Kolibal who I’ve mentioned before as well) – – this man looked like he was straight out of the military, minus the build.

He was slim and wiry, but he was STRONG too. Tall, slim and wiry – – and what struck me, in my lard ass’ian days  (yes, at the age of 19 yours truly had turned into a bonafide lardass!) – – is the manner in which he walked briskly to and fro work, and class, for one.

Ramrod straight upper back, chest out, shoulders BACK … much like my buddy in the military (former military man and an ex Marine) once exhorted me to do when “times were tough”.

“Chest out, shoulders BACK, my brother!”

And while I’ve done a post on that as well, the point is this – proper posture can do more for you than make you look smart ,PROFESSIONAL and IMPRESSIVE.

It can improve your health. It can REDUCE, or downright eliminate back and shoulder pain. It can help with digestion if done right.

And done right, combined with deep breathing it can literally be a workout unto itself.

That might sound strange to y’all, but what will sound even stranger is that proper posture does not just apply when you’re standing or moving.

It applies when you’re SITTING.

It applies when you are sitting and WORKING – as I am now – or visualizing.

I haven’t even had my workout today (though I will later) – – but I feel full of PEP, energy and vigor – -and though I have a bit of a headache due to a LOT OF time spent indoors and at the computer, I’m still banging out products like never before.

And part of this is my upright stance when sitting.

Chest out, shoulders back – feet FLAT on the floor – – and that my friend is a very valuable and SIMPLE tip indeed that those of you sitting for long hours (think office workers for one) NEED TO – without exception – implement in your own life.

Do so regularly, and I’ll bet that a lot of the LARD around your lower back and waist starts to “slip away”.

Combine it with regular workouts – and you’ll leave others behind in the dust as you progress!

Quite literally – just do it – and you’ll see!

And that’s that for now. Back to my product now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Proper posture is crucial to avoid any and all problems related to the core. And there is a reason that I am STANDING UPRIGHT in most of the exercises shown in Corrugated Core – – a very good reason! Grab this bestselling course now, and start implementing what I have to say – – today – – right here – – right NOW! Here is the URL –

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