“A book without pictures is SO BORING!”
- ... and more on the BACKGROUND behind Kiddie Fitness!

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As I walked into the bedroom to ask my daughter what she was saying a short while ago (when I was working – – so I asked her to WAIT – – yes, “Cranky Papa” and his writing where he is NOT to be disturbed, no matter what, hehe…), she asked me the following.

“Dad, when you will finish the book?”

This was the EXACT same question she asked me in the morning when she woke up, and she’s asking me this now while on the dumbphone. Must mean something to her!

“Honey, not as yet. I’m halfway through it …”

“Oh Dad, can I read it?”

“Not now, sweetie. Once I finish”

“Oh, but Dad … “

“Sweetie, I haven’t even put the pictures in as yet!”

“OH!” and it was as if a light bulb went off.

“OK, you do that first Dad! A book without pictures is SO BORING!” she went.

“And now Dad .. let me finish catching the robbers. So many of them …”  and off she was, immersed in the dumbphone again, hehe.

A book without pictures, and especially an exercise book without pictures? Not my cup of tea, and if there is one thing I AM particular upon – – it’s taking PICTURES for my exercise books – – and RETAKING them galore – – not necessarily because they “look good” or don’t – but to SHOW users HOW to do the exercise!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and MORE so when it comes to fitness, and certain types of exercises – – and a video – – well – – lets just say we’re amping the “YES!” factor by about a DOZEN on top of the thousand.

And five videos … well, that’s why I created the 0 Excuses Fitness System with not just a book and pictures (two books actually) – – but VIDEOS as well!

But wait a minute, you ask. Whats this latest book my daughter is on about??

Well, if you haven’t been following me, here is what happened late last night – – a cranky little girl miraculously got transformed into a HAPPY camper – – almost within the space of a few seconds as she dropped down to the floor to do a mini-workout with me – – and on “top of me” as well, as you can see from my social media posts!

Kids are nothing but NOT enthusiastic about exercise – – IF we set the right example. I could have easily done what most people would have at that advanced hour (‘twas almost midnight, hehe) – – but I did NOT – – and the results SHOW.

We sat up until last night fleshing this latest idea out, and yes, it was a “we” this time – not just “me”.

While I got the idea to do Kiddie Fitness – – it was most wholeheartedly endorsed by the “model” in the book – – my six year old – – and some of the exercises are HERS, hehe. Probably not patented as yet, but I will see to it that they are … nah, j ust kidding, but you get my drift!

We took a BARRAGE of pictures this morning – – some of which have to be re-done – – and they will be.

If you’re a parent – – or sports coach – – or a P.E. teacher at school – – or even a gym instructor for kids and adults both – – or simply involved with kids in any way – – then this course will be one you will NOT want to miss, my friend, as it contains exercises SPECIFICALLY tailored towards kids – – some of it stuff I have NEVER, EVER come out with before.

Keep your eyes peeled – it promises to be great – – and in the meantime – – do NOT forget to workout yourself – – by using the very best exercise system there is on the planet – the 0 Excuses Fitness System!

Ill see you on the “other side”, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – YES, Kiddie Fitness is BEING hammered out as I type – – should be out for sale within the next couple of days. Parents – you’ll DEFINITELY want to get this! And all of you folks on my list – if you want a special on this – email me NOW, and I’ll see to it that you’re hooked up.

P.S #2 – Also, and while you’re at it – – those of you that are frustrated about not being able to lose weight during the Coronavirus lockdowns – – well – – take HEART. There is HOPE – – more than it, in fact – find out more here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/

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