Stop worrying about what they “expect” you to do!
- - do what makes YOU happy - FIRST!

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Dear Reader,

There are many things that separate the high achievers of this world from the “wannabes” or “has beens” – – the CREAM of the crop from the “herd” as it were – – the people that conquer all and get to the very pinnacle of their chosen profession or GOALS, and those that “meander along with the stream somewhere in between”.

Yada, nada, schnada. You get the point, I think, and after lack of persistence (for those in the latter category) another prime difference between ultimate success and lack thereof is this – folks caring too much about (and letting it affect them internally) what others “expect” them to do.

A most insidious means of sabotage this one is – – and virtually ALL of us have been subject to this at some point in our lives – -some more so than others.

Your truly fits in the “more so than others category” and for a large portion of my adult life, I did (hard as it might sound to believe at this point!) “sort of” care about what I was “expected to do” and did it … for a short while, at least, before my INNER MAN spoke up – – and naturally, when that inner man speaks – or ROARS – – you listen – -or at least I did!

Case in point being the numerous jobs I worked before going all out on my own. Truth is I NEVER wanted to work for someone else in the first place – – but the looks of astoundment accompanied with “You?? How on earth would someone like you amount to anything on your own?” held me a back for a long portion of my adult like – – before I finally said SCREW it – – and did what my heart (inner man) told me to do!

In “Outwitting the Devil”, Napoleon Hill mentions several instances from his OWN life when he was working for others (again, on the insistence of family and so called other well wishers) – – and in EACH one of those jobs – – despite the seeming outward successes – he ended up either leaving the job – – or the company folded – – or something to that effect.

It didn’t last, in other words.

In the bestselling Pyscho Cybernetics Dr Maltz makes a very pertinent point indeed – – and likes our success levels to a rubber band which is held in place firmly by none other than our subconscious mind.

If the subconscious truly believes that you can attain a level of success, but NOT beyond it – – then guess what – – you’ll attain that level of success – – and you may briefly rise above it – – but the rubber band will snap back to wherever the subconscious “thinks” you belong.

This is a truism that cannot be argued against my friend. If you subconsciously hate something – – and don’t want to do it – – then you may be “made to do it” for a while – – but it ain’t gonna last.

And funnily enough, these tales struck closer to home for me than you’d think. I made a seeming success out of many of my jobs (none more so than the job I refer to in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales) – – and could probably have made a “career” out of any of those jobs – – which is exactly what everyone around me “expected” me to do, of course, and repeatedly pressurized me to do, and yet, what happened?

I think we all know – – and funnily enough, people seem to forget the great truism that is often mentioned in self help books and manuals alike – -that being – – TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST!

And what I am telling you is this – more than just “taking care of yourself first” – I’d say listen to yourself first.

Way too many people, for instance, start a fitness program but end up trying to accomplish goals set by others.

For instance, I would wager a bet than a lot of guys don’t necessarily crave big guns as much as they SECRETLY crave the lean and mean look, and yet – – due to public pressure and perception – – guess who they end up trying to emulate – – and what they end up ACHIEVING.

Someone starting a new venture, for instance, may start off full of enthusiasm  — which quickly falls by the wayside as the repeated admonishments and cries of “You’ll never make it” ring out louder than anything else in his or her ears, and pretty soon that person is back to square one – – or worse.

Tell the world what you’re going to do – – but show them FIRST – – and I just had to mention that here!

Do what YOU want, my friend – both in terms of life – and goals – and FITNESS as well. Stop getting suckered into and DERAILED by the “but you’re expected to follow so and so road” B.S.

And if doing what YOU want isn’t what others “expect”, well, goody – you’re probably on the RIGHT track.

Sure, blazing your own trail takes GUTS and I’d be lying to tell you that its “easy” or that the path is without pitfalls.

As soon as I decided to do my own thing all those years ago (and indeed even TODAY when I embark upon a new venture) – – it was as if the entire world was conspiring against me to “pull  me back into the fold and stop me reaching for the stars” (much like that solitary crab that manages to climb out of the bucket of crabs as the others stay IN).

I was called an idiot – a loser – a lunatic – and several things unprintable – – and still am – but guess what – – I have something that these so called other “successes” don’t – – that is HAPPINESS – FREEDOM – – and PEACE OF MIND knowing I’m doing what I love to do – – and will continue to do so!

Fitness wise, I’ve often been told I overexercise (huh??) – – and this by people that have never once attained any degree of fitness in their own lives!

I’ve been told my methods are ridiculous, and downright asinine (by folks who say that pumping 5 kg dumbbells for 15 minutes on each hand will make muscles sprout – – and those that claim long, slow walks are what it’s about when it comes to fitness).

And yet – the results – can we argue with the results?

I think NOT, my friend – – and that is what happens when you do what YOU want – the way YOU want – WITHOUT listening to the chorus of “bays” from the “herd” out there.

It may not always be easy. It may not always be the path of least resistance, and certainly probably not the path most traveled – and so forth.

But is it worth it??

Oh YES my friend – – and you’ll see what I mean when YOU embark upon it too!

So that’s today’s message. Do what YOU want – – and NEVER get pulled into asinine guilt trips of “doing what you’re expected to do” – – it is nothing but a recipe for failure and that too on a grand scale!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of fitness, the great part about the 0 Excuses Fitness System is that it matters NOT what YOUR goal is. Build muscle? Lose fat? Six pack? Better health and a robust immune system? Interspatial travel? And so forth. We’ve got you covered (ok, not the last one!)- – so fret NOT – – and click on over right here to grab your copy of the System – –

P.S #2 – I was actually advised by another supposedly well meaning family member to “seek counseling” with regard to what I mentioned about jobs before. HA! The subconscious mind always brings to reality what is IN it … and most of the times the opinions of the VERY same people that advocate counseling or other such methods with regard to you doing what you really want aren’t worth the bandwidth we’re spending discussing it here. Trust me on that one!

P.P.S – Oh, and by the way – remember that Kiddie Fitness is well and truly ON its way, my friend. If your kids are going batshit (NO PUNS INTENDED!!) insane during the enforced, extended “holiday” most of you are likely being subject to – well – get them started ASAP on these routines, and boredom will be a thing of the past. Contact me now for pre-orders and I’ll hook you up with a 10% off “special offer”!

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