Saying it like it IS …
- ... and being UNAPOLOGETIC about it!

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Was at it last night until 230 hammering out Kiddie Fitness, and doing a few posts for my other email lists.

Finally got to bed around 4’sih last night (believe me – – when you’re in BEAST mode in terms of writing, your brain refuses to switch off on occasion even after you TELL it to!) … and this morning as I arose around 1130 in the A.M, the first thing I did was to sip some “hong cha” (black tea, or red tea, depending upon how you look at it, hehe) … and get down to some workouts.

I did a brief workout consisting of Hindu squats and STRETCHES (you Pushup Central fans KNOW the stretches I’m referring to! Hehe) – – and I was ready for my day once I got a buzzing … or so I thought.

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get down to writing and my other projects like I normally do, in “door shut, NO-ONE ALLOWED to DISTURB me or ELSE mode …

And then I did something I normally NEVER do. I got on the dumbphone and social media – – which I’ve often said and still say is a complete waste of time … and got involved in a discussion … about the … yes, you guessed it, the COVID-19 virus.

A discussion that started off with China’s latest decision to apparently ban ALL foreigners from entering the mainland – and a discussion that morphed somehow into “Trump being racist” because he labeled it a Chinese virus … and other related issues.

Now, I normally as I said NEVER get into debates such as this – pretty much because it’s POINTLESS – – especially in the polarized world we live in these days. NO-ONE is willing to even listen to what the other person is saying – – and that is fine by me, hehe. I rarely get involved in politics, and read as little as I can about this darn virus – – and I’m doing pretty well as a result. Hehe.

Anyway, ‘twas a heated debate and just for the record – – is ole Donald “racist” for calling the virus a Chinese virus?

I think NOT, my friend. We call Chinese food Chinese, don’t we? Well then why on earth wouldn’t one refer to a virus that started in China – – and that the authorities did all they could to cover up (by their own admission) as Chinese?

Doesn’t sound racist to me – – sounds like a case of saying it like it.

Now, before you fine folks on my list start jumping up an down about Trump and politics in general – – let it be known that I do NOT particularly care about politicians – – anywhere in the world. All feather of the same bird as it were, and they all flock together at the end of the day, and that is all I’m going to say about it, but I do know one thing – – Trump is a man after my own heart not because of his politics – but his STYLE.

He does precisely what I advocate – – say it like it is – – WITHOUT feat. Freely saying it like it is – is a skill my friend – – and not being affected by what others think of you is an even greater skill. Master that, and you’ll not only become FAR more productive in your daily life than you ever have been – – but you’ll also learn that people will follow you to the ends of the planet to HEAR what you have to say – – even if they don’t necessarily agree with you on everything.

Why – – because you give to them STRAIGHT.

And that, my friend is as honest (brutally honest) as I can get. And that’s what you get from 0 Excuses Fitness – -and ALL our products too.

As recent testimonials for our products show – -they flat out WORK – – and do NOT give you the chances to make excuses – – or be molly coddled (the exact opposite, actually).

Some get ticked off and unsubscribe from my lists, and that is fine. I am NOT everyone’s cup of tea and neither do I want to be – and neither should YOU, my friend. Be real – Be YOU  – – and that, at the end of the day is what really counts!

I did up a post precisely on that a while ago, but I can’t be bothered to find the URL right now. It’s there in the annals of the blog though – – do a search, and you’ll find it!

Alrighty then, my friend – – that is THAT for now. I just warmed up my writing chops with these here 900 or so words – – and I’m BACK at it – – Kiddie Fitness, to be precise.

I’ll be back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Given the virus spreading around the globe – – the CALM and RATIONAL amongst us would do VERY WELL to remember that this virus really only strikes those that have LOW immunity. The BEST and only (IMO) line of defense is robust health – and good immunity – – and home workouts deliver all that to you, my friend – – especially in these uncertain times of “lockdown”. And here is where you can find the VERY best there is in terms of home workouts – –

P.S #2 – I spoke a bit about marketing and saying it like it is in the social media group I referred to. Funnily enough people responded by saying “No, that’s not how you market. It’s not about eyeballs! It’s about …”, ah, but I can’t quite control my chuckles here. Ill do up another post on that shortly – – stay tuned!

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