Triceps like steel BANDS
- ... Are they necessary? Read on to find out!!

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While the biceps and shoulders are the first thing that come to most trainees minds when we talk about ARM training – – a very important part is often overlooked.

A part of the arm that literally makes up more than 75% of the arm – – that being the TRICEP muscle.

You know, the muscle at the back of the arm that really gives the arms it’s strength – – and size!

That all important muscle which helps in pushing – – and just about any daily activity – – as well as (and this will SHOCK most of you readers) in pull-ups, that exercise which ALL men want to do, but pitifully few can.

That muscle which tuns to mush the quickest with inactivity … a.k.a. “bingo wings” (that ugly looking flabby part of your arm that “shakes” when you wave goodbye to someone for instance – – IF you’re overweight and unfit!).

Other hand, look at any really fit man – or REALLY strong man (and I mean real strong men – – such as the old timers) – – and you’ll notice modest yet well shaped biceps – – but massive, yet well shaped horseshoe like triceps … literally a mass of muscle behind the arm which gives the arm both its shape and size – – and also it’s STRENGTH!

As Percy Longhurst, old time English commentary legend once noted about the Great Gama from India, who did THOUSANDS of pushups and squats daily as part of his training regimen (and went undefeated in over 50 years, by the way!),

To watch him doing the dipping exercise was a revelation. There was power put into every movement, up and down…It was easy to understand, watching the regular rise and fall of the smooth brown body, the bending and straightening of the rounded limbs, to what extend not only the arms and the shoulders, but the muscles of the chest, abdomen, back and loins participated in the vigorous execution.

One could understand how Gama had acquired the enormous bulk of solid flesh at the back of his upper arms; whence came the wonderful size of the muscles around the shoulders and the base of the neck. Smooth, solid muscle; muscle in bulk; yet again I must repeat that when Gama “set” for example, his arm, his fist clenched, that acute outlining of the individual muscles on which the enthusiastic physical culturist is wont to pride himself, the ‘steel bands’ and ‘hard knots’, beloved of the lady fiction writer, were conspicuous by their absence. All one was saw was a rounded swelling, a smooth prominence here and there.

But there was strength, an abundance of it, in those smooth and supple limbs. Anyone who saw Gama overcome Dr B.F.Roller could be sure of that.”

And if Gama had this look about him … well, I have THIS to say my friend – – while the headline of this email says “steel bands” – – REAL STRENGTH does NOT – I repeat – DOES NOT – come from muscles being tense and “showy” – – read “fake and counterfeit modern day bodybuilder muscles”!

Real strength comes from muscles that are relaxed – – and look relaxed – – and can spring into action as and when required – – such as the Gama’s!

Or perhaps Bruce Lee. Or perhaps Mike Tyson – – or maybe even Michael Phelps. You get the picture, my friend – – none of them have the “boobybuilder” look, and yet, the strength in them muscles – – no doubting that, is there??!

On another note, doing pushups is a great great way to build up the most important muscles in NOT just your arm, but also those over your entire upper body – – but no, despite what you’re thinking, I’m not “pimping” my Pushup Central course here – – not as yet anyway, hehe.

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat, and tonight before dinner my daughter was pushing furiously against a wall.

“Push harder ,honey!” I exhorted her, and so she did, and a minute or so later, she came back – flopped down on the chair – – and took a sip of jasmine “blooming flower” tea!

“This wrestler needs rest!” she pronounced.

And what did she mean?

Well, Kiddie Fitness will make that very very abundantly clear – but for now – – let me just say this – – one of the tool the Gama used to develop his nigh prodigious strength was isometrics – – and as for the how’s , why’s and wherefore’s – – well – – be on the outlook for the course on ISOMETRICS.

That is course #2 “in the offing” after Kiddie Fitness, which by the way is DONE as of now. If you’re a parent reading this – mark my WORDS, my friend – you’ll want to get your paws on this right here – –

And that, my friend – -is the update for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – To learn more about how the great Gama trained, and the exercises he used, crack open the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – and fire up the ole computer for the videos. Grab the package right here first – –

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