“She used to be known as a bird when she was young”
- ... for good reason!

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‘Twas the ETERNAL battle at the dining table the other day.

… what battle you ask?

… Well, the battle between my wife – – and my beloved daughter who along with her many, many GOOD habits – – seems to have picked up a few BAD ones as well.

One of them being dumbphone addiction, but that’s a global problem, affecting kids everywhere.

The other, and more PERPLEXING issue is during mealtimes.

No matter how tasty the food is (and by her own admission, and by MINE – – my wife’s cooking abilities likely FAR, FAR surpass that you’ll see at most five star hotels – – and I am NOT kidding!) … it’s a battle to get her to chow down.

This is a problem that hasn’t affected other kids her age, who seem to eat everything in front of them with gay abandon as kids should … and have massive bellies, saggy asses, and are OBESE, plain and simple … as kids really should NOT be!

But it brings me to a point I’ve often made.

Kids these days exercise – – and MOVE about way less than they should. I’ve often said the T.V is the main culprit, and it IS – – but the dumbphone is even worse.

Anyway, I heard my wife tell my daughter the other day during one of these battles “When I was a kid, I used to be known as a bird!”

“Why”, asked my daughter in a sage maner.

“Because I’d flit from point A to point B, always moving about – -never sitting around!”, she replied.

“And when it was time to EAT … boy oh boy, I’d not only gobble EVERYTHING on my plate – – but I’d snack healthily between meals … and”, here she paused, reminiscing, “I’d often even steal food off my grandpa’s plate when eating with him!”

My daughter giggled, and the conversation went on, but again, upon hearing of this, it got me to thinking.

While my upbringing was unfortunately (in a physical sense) NOWHERE near as “free” as my wife (again, physically – – I was always told to ‘sit down and be quiet and read’) .. it was nowhere near what kids these days experience.

(NB – Reading is fantastic, and is probably a reason I’m writing books today, but believe me, kids need more than just mental stimulation as do adults!)

Kids these days move about SO less that the natural hungry feeling that most kids have is suppressed – -and that’s not good, my friend.

And when they do eat – – what they eat turns into lumps of LARD – – at the tender age of five even I’ve seen…

My, my my. A battle to eat? For us, even myself, it was always a battle to NOT eat! Hehe …

Then again, we weren’t raised in the dumbphone generation.

And while I didn’t have a good example to follow in terms of fitness when growing up (as I’ve mentioned before), my wife did – – and the results are apparent and there for all to see, and that brings me to my last, and most important point.

Setting a good example for your kids is PARAMOUNT.

If you flop down in front of the tube after a heavy meal, belching and farting (and believe me, that isn’t so far removed from the norm as you may think!) – – guess what the kids will pick up on.

If you, on the other hand go for a long walk after a meal, and pick up a book immediately upon your return, or do something constructive – – well – – again – – guess who and what your kids would “ape”.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System, for one is packed with exercises that kids ENJOY – – and that gets adults and kids alike into the best shape of their lives – – you just have to DO it – – and set the right example!

Sadly, in addition to the dumbphone menace out there, most adults do a piss poor job at that.

And while it aint my place to “convince”, it DOES behoove me to tell you my daughter enjoyed pushups from a very young age – six months or earlier!

I’d often get her on the monkey bars when young – – and she’d often do situps on the dipping bars.

She’d often fall into a bridge as a game – -something that will give most adults the workout of their lives …

And the reason she did this was NOT because I forced her – or my wife did – or because we even brought it up.

It’s because she learned – – by example – – and if there is ONE good example you can set for your kids today – it is this – crack open the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – and get cranking on the workouts right there and then in front of them!

Chances are they’ll join you – and be HOOKED – for the rest of their lives – -and at that point, my friend, you’ve not only made a meaningful impact upon your own life – – but the future generation as well!!

And that’s the “lesson” for today. I’m off – – I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can grab the best fitness system there is out there – the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S #2 – And if your S.O. (or you) is a GREAT cook – and you’re worried about gaining weight (and let’s face it, we ALL are at times) – – well – – remember that this worry is baseless so long as you’re on the Eat More – Weigh Less routines. Grab your copy – – proof included – – right here!

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