“If the whole world were to stop moving for 4 weeks”
- ... it isnt so much if as it's already happening!

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Well, well, well! Woke up bright and early around 930 AM on this here Sunday morning for a change … and of course, what do I see on my phone but some more Coronavirus related nonsense.

Now, some of you at this point familiar with my rants on this might call me out for calling it “nonsense”, and fair enough – but really – like I’ve said before – YES, the pandemic is serious – -but I really do think the entire globe is OVERREACTING ON a very GRAND scale – and this too after the “horse done long bolted”.

Sure, containment is necessary, but what are all the global lockdowns really accomplishing other than fueling mass panic everywhere?

It doesn’t seem like the rates of infection or death rate for that matter are slowing any – – and in China, the one country where everyone “claims” the pandemic is “almost over” – – well, two of the most populous provinces are STILL under lockdown (complete) – – and the rest of the country is pretty much still in a state of “emergency” as it were.

I really don’t want to get into politics here, but Donald Trump’s comment about lockdowns really having the potential to ruin a country’s economy struck HOME. Seems he’s one of the few world leaders that is looking at this through a pragmatic lens, as opposed to a lens clouded with myopia and fear …

And I just heard that cinema halls in China are shuttering again due to a fear that the virus could “re-occur”.

And on that “sage” note, I also read an article this morning where a Chinese professor (Dr Zhang, if I recall correctly) made the comment about the pandemic “might be stopped” (emphasis on might) “if the entire world stops moving for 4 weeks” – – a possibility he dismisses himself as being highly unlikely.

And he goes on to say that if this does NOT happen, then the pandemic will continue – – likely for two years – – and likely “switching between the northern and southern hemispheres based upon temperature changes”.

As for yours truly … upon reading that I took a deep breath, and drank some tea – -and shook my head.

While the good Prof might be right – – or wrong – – the FACT is this folks  – – that the FLU, for one, has been around for ages.

NO, I’m NOT saying the COVID-19 is the same as flu – – obviously NOT – – but the fact is that we lose thousands of people annually to the flu – – which happens every year – – and I don’t see the entire world shutting down or even losing sleep over it??

Again, no, I’m NOT comparing the COVID-19 to the flu, but really – – what have global lockdowns achieved on a grand scale?

I’m all for global “social distancing” for a period, and also for allowing workers in certain businesses to work remotely – – and so forth – – but triggering a global shutdown leads to nothing but PANIC and uncertainty – as it has in India apparently, where the world’s second most populous country was shut down completely on a FEDERAL level (this following STATE WIDE existing measures etc)  – – with but four hours of notice.

I mean, come on. Four hours of notice for a country wide lockdown???

And as for the entire world not moving for four weeks – – well – – – I hate to tell the good Prof, but that is already happening.

Judging by the amount of lard asses out there – a number that is GROWING, amazingly enough – despite folks having TIME To workout  – – and exercise … it would seem that the limited movement that most people engaged in globally (think parking your butt on a car seat, getting up, then on an office seat, getting up, then back on the couch, getting up, dinner table, bed, and so forth …) has been limited even more.

Is it any wonder then that this virus is taking more lives – – as folks mental and physical health goes to utter RUIN?

And amazingly enough, that seems to be “in thing” these days – – for folks to sit around on Twitter and complain about exactly that as opposed to DOING something about it.

My my my. What has the world come to, eh?

As for yours truly, I just got down with a 100 Hindu squats and 75 pushups. A short workout indeed, but one that left me BUZZING – and RARING to go – – and I’m waiting for a WEIGHTED jump rope I ordered to show up, hehe.

I’ll be sure and write about some workouts with that puppy once it DOES – believe me now and trust me later, it adds a LOT of “weight” to your existing workout, hehe.

Alright, my friend. I’m out for now. Stay safe – stay sane – and stay RATIONAL!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I can’t force you into anything ,of course, and neither would I want to – – but if I could exhort you to do one thing – or two – it would be this. One – – MOVE – – at home, and keep MOVING. And two – stop reading the news – – or if you do, read it, and let it simply “pass on”. The world could do with more rational minded and fit folks … if THAT happen in a four week time frame (right!) – – guess what – – it won’t just be this virus that disappears – – a host of other issues will too!

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