Fight – like an APE!
- ... and build APE like strength to boot!

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So, I was talking fighting – – and self defense – – and everything related with a friend of mine – – guess who! – – a few months ago.

Yes, the ex-Marine I’ve referred to MANY TIMES – – and while we were knocking back a few brews, we got to talking about self defense, physical training, and just about everything in between.

And soon enough, as we started to get “three sheets to the wind”, as it were, my buddy stood up – – and got into a boxing stance.

And he punched – the cupboard right in front of him – and BOOM – – I would NOT be lying to you that that solid oak cupboard got more than a dent in it, if I might say so.

“Better watch out”, I said, laughing. “Don’t think you want Tracy hammering you after that!”

(The aforementioned lady being his S.O. – – and we all know that if there is ONE person you do NOT want to tick off, it is your significant other, hehe).

Anyway, the topic moved on to self defense, a topic my buddy knows more than a thing or two about!

“Rahul, you need to take advantage of your skills”, he suddenly piped up.

“Skills?” I queried. “I’m no way near a fighter as you are”, I remarked, and it is true, of course, hehe.

“You know more than you let on”, my friend said laughingly, and he then got into a curious “ape like stance”.

“You like doing pull-ups, and you’re good at them – – and you have a grip FEW people can match. While you might not be a boxer or even grappler – THOSE are your strengths”

“Once you get hold of someone, and PULL towards you – – as you did me a year or so ago – – they’re gone if you get ‘em on the ground!”

And there was more to this, but we then got into a fighting stance – – and started fighting (mock) “ape like” – – and if that sounds retarded, well, hear me out.

The style we were fighting in was PRACTICAL – – aimed at “taking the base” away.

Ever watched an ape fight, with those long, loping arms flailing about wildly?

If even ONE of those arms caught you “by accident”- you’d be DOWN for the count – if not worse, my friend.

Chimpanzees, for instance, have been recorded to kill adult MALE CROCODILES – – and if a baby chimp were to grab your finger- – and SQUEEZE – – you’d be screaming for mercy in no time!

Anyway, was a good ole time indeed as we attempted to knock each other “off base” – – and here is the point behind me saying it.

It’s well know than a strong GRIP is one of the things MOST required for grappling – – boxing – – as well as if you’re looking to get good in martial arts – – or – – in day to day life – – carry out activities like lugging heavy stuff around the house without any problem – – or carrying GrandMa up the stairs if she needs it, for that matter – – without collapsing in a heap!

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but many years ago I saw a massive, barrel chested man in an Italian restaurant with those “meat cleaver” forearms …

A waiter he was, I believe, and although he didn’t’ come out of the kitchen, my girlfriend at the time took one look at him and remarked “He is probably the one that does all the heavy lifting back there!”

And the point I bring all this up?

It’s because even if you aren’t interested in SELF defense (and who isn’t these days??) – – and even if you aren’t interested in “looks” or a “strong grip” per se – – training like the APE does can give you gains in terms of both strength – – and fat loss – – like you haven’t experienced before, my friend.

Pulling your own self up through space requires a degree of strength (especially abdominal) that you can’t build from pumping weights in the gym while seated, and certainly NOT on the asinine lat pulldown machine.

If you want the sort of grip – and traps – that will make even experienced men look at you and “nod” with that knowing look – – well – – then you have to train accordingly, my friend.

And training like an ape – – in other words – – pulling – – and doing the things an ape would in the wild will BUILD that sort of strength – – and how, my friend. And how … and the conversation I have just quoted above as well as others in the past, is PROOF of this.

Get them long, strong and FLEXIBLE levers – -with shoulders and traps to boot – – and an upper body that looks like it’s made of steel by following the various progressions I lay out in the courses on pull-ups – – all YOURS in a “compilation format” – right here – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – These courses will literally take you from a “human” level of strength to EXTRAORDINARY, almost SUPER HUMAN levels of strength. If any of what I’ve said above interests you, and it SHOULD – well – click on over RIGHT NOW – –

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