“Annoyed when she’s here, and you miss her when she’s not!”
- .. Indeed a conundrum, hehe

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A few “moons” or so ago, I remember asking my wife where my daughter was post lunch.

She was supposed to go play in her room thereafter, but turns out she suddenly disappeared.

No “Daddy, Daddy” cries, and as I finished my work, or continued it should I say, I wondered where she was.

I checked the bedroom. Not there.

I checked the living room – -then kitchen. No dice.

“She’s gone to play with her grandparents”, chimed in my wife from behind.

“Ah, I see”, I said. “I was just checking …”

“I thought you were busy, and said (as usual) that you weren’t to be disturbed!”

(and this of course is a point of ongoing debate in the house – Rahul when he is writing does NOT like to be disturbed no matter what – – and curiously enough, the time he writes is the time everyone wants a “piece of him”, and all the doorbells chime, and all the phones – – well, one at any rate ring, and …hehe!)

“Ya, but I was just wondering”

My wife giggled.

“You miss her so much the minute she’s gone, and when she’s here, pestering you, you get annoyed”.

Giggle giggle, and while it might have been the other way around, the point is true – and it STANDS.

Often times, it’s a battle to get my daughter off to school (pre-COVID-19 “cooped up” of course – – post it, she’ll be raring to go herself!) … and once we drop her off, we’re relieved.

“She made it on time!”

And a short while later, as we bask in the “peace and sanctity that abounds as it were” with a rambunctious six year old NOT around – – we miss her.

“Wonder what she’s doing”, I’ll often muse. “Probably up to some mischief!”

And the wife will chime in around 11, which seems to be school lunch time for the kiddies.

“Wonder if she’s eating everything I gave her”, she’ll say, while hunched over her own laptop.

Funny, but those of you with kids know it’s true, hehe.

And fitness can be much the same way.

It can be a BATTLE at times, for instance, to drop down and pound out 100 pushups and 200 squats when you’re busy – or hungover – or don’t feel like it – or whatever.

Even if you’re a fitness maniac like yours truly, getting up that hill multiple times a day takes WORK, and it’s sometimes anything BUT fun when doing it, especially if you’re doing it after a long, long day at work (and I should know!).

And so forth.

But you get it done – – and oddly enough, as you bask in the afterglow of getting another successful and GOOD one in – you’ll wonder about the workout.

“Oh, that third time up the hill was the best!”

“Oh, those table pushups really hit the spot!! Damn, I’m glad I got it DONE!”

And that’s what its really all about, my friend. Getting one good workout in after the other regardless of anything else – – and then “missing” exactly the same thing that was a nightmare a short while ago (not always, but a lot of times!)

And that, my friend is a KEY stepping stone to success in any field – – not just fitness.

Showing up – and just doing it – is half the battle won  – – and I might as well create my own meme on that, hehe.

Ok, my friend. That’s IT for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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