“I wake up at 6 A.M. daily, because I have more time”
- Always more than one way to skin that cat, hehe

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So, I was chatting with a lady from Shanghai the other day – a lady that enjoys outdoor exercise apparently as much as the next person, and she expressed interest in 0 Excuses Fitness.

“I hope I can buy your products someday”, she noted. “It’s a pity you’re not in Shanghai right now! You could train me!”

Shanghai, for those that don’t know is about a 12 hour or so train journey from where I’m at, and given the current COVID-19 MADNESS sweeping the globe (in my case it would involve a 14 day quarantine once I leave the province a.k.a state that I’m in right now in China and ENTER the other one – and then another one when I get BACK), I do NOT think I want to travel – anywhere!

And that’s just in China. As I’m sure you know, international travel etc has pretty much all come to a standstill, and while I’ve ranted galore about this, today won’t be one of those days. Hehe – although the rants are very well justified in terms of the global panic etc. Ah, but I digress again!

So, as I was chatting with her about her day (this lady is a high powered legal beagle, by the way – in one of Shanghai’s multi national companies), I asked her about her morning routine.

She’s the sort that generally gets to bed EARLY – and wakes up at the crack of dawn – or shortly thereafter.

“I have my own morning routine”, she noted. “Waking up early gives me so much more time to get things done!”

And that’s fair enough. LOTS of people, including my own wife says the same thing, while yours truly is the exact opposite, of course.

But not always, my friend. Not always.

I still recall those days when I woke up at 530 A.M. to go hiking in China – – in that mountain park I refer to so often.

It used to be dark and cold – – and there was not a SOUL out there other than me. In fact ‘twas so dark that I needed my cellphone torch to actually illuminate the way up those steep stairs … until dawn broke, and I was on climb #2 or #3, and folks started to show up …

Mike Tyson did his famous runs too at 430 in the morning, and there is a reason behind this!

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve often written about way back in the day when I’d hike at night – after 8 P.M. or so on most days – and come back home and launch straight into a bodyweight routine shortly thereafter.

It got me in great, great shape – so much so that Brooks Kubik, he of the drug free 450 (I believe!) pound bench press (national champion in it), writer, high school wrestlers and much MORE featured me in his daily newsletter at that time.

“Rahul’s hill walking workout from China”, I believe it was titled, hehe, and I’ll have to ask Brooks if he still has that newsletter. I don’t – – several laptops since, and thus forth!

I still remember him asking me when I mentioned my routine to him.

“That’s great! Are you in the military!”?

And I responded in the negative, of course, but he asked for a reason – a very good reason. I’ll write more on that later, of course – – but here is the point I am making – there is no ONE way to success – – at anything, my friend.

There is YOUR way – NOT what the “experts” recommend in general, but a way that works well for YOU.

And this holds true for fitness too.

For instance, you might get on the System, and find out (as I did) that after a certain point, high rep pushup workouts work far better for you than high rep squats.

Or, you may find (again, as I did)  that on some days, ALL you want to do is bridging – and stretching.

Or, you may want to climb up to the top of a steep hill – – and do your exercises THERE – -as I did (again), hehe.

The key is to experiment – and find out what works for YOU, my friend.

Don’t get sidetracked by what others say, or recommend, or what the so called experts have to say. It ain’t worth it – not one bit!

Last, but not least, if this sort of thing inspires you – if WORKOUT memories, more than any other inspire you like nothing else (and they do some people) – I’ve put out a great little compilation on those right here –  https://0excusesfitness.com/16-inspirational-fitness-recollections/

You’ll want to check it out – definitely a steal for the price it’s being currently offered at!

And on that note, it’s adios for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –  This lady I am referring to has an insanely well planned day – written out – and while written goals aren’t something I personally do in my OWN life (for me it’s all mental) – they may work for YOU, my friend. Writing your fitness goals down – for example, the number of pushups you want to do DAILY – or the number of squats – or the number of steps you’ll walk – and so forth is a great idea, especially if you LOOK at that goal multiple times throughout the day. Try it, and let me know how it works!

P.S #2 – More such great tips are mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – including one on DEEP breathing that WILL change your life – and HEALTH – for the better! Get on the stick now – and find out what it is – right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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