Hill sprints and pull-ups
- ... Two favorite and AWESOME exercises - and the symbiosis!

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One of the very best exercise combos out there in terms of pull-ups … is one that I have not mentioned a lot, at least as far as I remember.

It isn’t really mentioned (well other than in passing,hehe) in ANY OF my books on pull-ups.

It is NOT mentioned in the books on building “bullet proof, ROCK SOLID” shoulders … and it isn’t really there in 0 Excuses Fitness as well unless you look between the lines.

So what is it, you ask.

Well, it’s an exercise combo that the old timers knew about – – and one that I stumbled upon through trial and error, and one that most bodyweight exercise enthusiasts laugh at – and gym bros pooh pooh.

Big mistake, my friend.

Back in the day, when I was running hill sprints as my primary routine (and indeed, even when I was just climbing them at a rapid rate), I did NO pushups – or any other exercise of any sort.

No leg raises. No swimming. No nothing basically. No walking for long distances on level ground at a steady pace either.

It got to the point that my girlfriend at the time (NOT Ms. Lee, hehe) made the following comment.

“I know you’re great at climbing, but you need more! An overall workout!”

And though I didn’t agree with her at the time (and probably with good reason given my results) – I did later. And I worked PULL-UPS into my routine – along the way, making another huge mistake that my ex did NOT know about – but I do – NOW!

That being to ignore pushups at the risk of getting better at pull-ups, and lest you think I’ve gone off my rocker for using the term “risk” – – well – – you’re WRONG. Like I have said before, the #1 key to getting better at pull-ups is to get better at a certain style of pushup – – and that’s just as simple as it gets, except I did not know it back then.

But back on point – when I did pull-ups without first doing my hill sprints – or even climbing – I performed FAR POORLY than if I did them AFTER or during – preferably AFTER.

Curiously enough, I did WORSE on pushups when I did them during or after!

This has probably got to do with the forward lean and the amount of work your CHEST (yes, CHEST!) gets when running sprints, especially if you breathe right.

Lots of folks have this idea that spints don’t really tax the chest. You couldn’t be more wrong if that is you, my friend – just take a look at the chests of some of the champion sprinters out there – and you’ll see!

And other than that, I believe it’s the overall hormone and T-boost that hill sprints give you – something that NO other exercise can.

It’s about the fact that it loosens up the back, hips and legs – ALL used in pull-ups (I know, I know, but crack open the book on pull-ups, and you will see what I mean!) without directly taxing them.

And it’s about increased blood flow …and everything else. Hard to put a finger on it, but ‘tis true, my friend – try it and you’ll see.

One of the great symbiotic exercises indeed, and NO, getting better at pull-ups doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get better at sprinting – but the reverse?

Heck yeah, and I’ll close this post on that very contentious note! More later and if you guys want – I’ll put out a product on this sort of thing – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

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