My 3 minute workout yesterday
- ... is something ANYONE can do!

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So, I was at it again – – late at night at that, hehe.

Pounding out books – – this time not fitness related but truth be told, I had some fitness related writing to do as well – – as well as tailor a workout routine for a couple of clients.

That was for my personal training business of course. In general, I have my clients send me progress reports and other details every Friday WITHOUT FAIL – – and being it’s only serious folks that show up at my “here doorstep”, hehe, that works great for all involved.

But I was tired myself, my friend.

Other than a brisk walk in the morning, I had been at it ALL day … WITHOUT a break, and my writing muscles were screaming for a break – – not so much because of no motivation, or nothing to WRITE – – but because of the PHYSICAL aspect of it!

Let me tell you, pounding out books IN THE FLOW – – and NOVELS as well, for those of you interested in my other ventures – – ain’t exactly the easiest of tasks physically if done right.

But anyway, back to it.

So I was taking a break. Walking around the house etc. Was dark as heck, and I idly flipped a switch or two.

And then, without thinking, I dropped into a squat and knocked out a set of 20 Hindus.

No idea why I did that especially at night. You guys know I’m a morning person when it comes to workouts … at least these days, and as I “rose”, I wondered why exactly I did it.

Oh well, I thought, resuming my pacing, loosening my muscles, stretching the traps – – time for me to get back to it soon.

And I dropped down into another of my patented stretches – – and STOOD up … and …

Before I knew it, there I was .. . pounding out SQUATS again.

Up and down, up and down. The rhythmic breathing started, and the heart started to POUND again after the 60th or so rep – – and by the end of 100 reps I was breathing like I had run a mile.

I wasn’t sweating up a storm as I did when I first started doing these, of course, but it was still a heck of a workout – – and my entire upper body felt loose and limber after this.

And then I got back to my writing. For a sum total of 10 minutes.

And after that, another mysterious force urged me to pop off another 100 squats, which I did, and by the end of those I WAS BREATHING – – heavily – – so much so that the “old lady” heard it from the other room, hehe.

“Are you exercising – again – at night??”

“Ah, not really”, I laughed back. “Just a mini workout, and ….”

And then I told her my workout, and also mentioned the fact that about 1 % or what I did would be enough to give most people the workout of their lives when they first start out – not to mention CRANK their internal FAT FURNACE up several notches as well.

And that’s how easy it is to get in workouts with my exercises, my friend. Truly easy – and takes VERY LITTLE time – – and the effect, oh my. You’ll have to do it to EXPERIENCE it – – and on that note, I’m out for now.

Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I wrote about hill sprints recently – which take FAT BURNING to a NEW LEVEL altogether, my friend – -and when you incorporate my SECRET techniques for weight loss (both breathing and otherwise??). Oh boy, is all I can say, and if you’re interested – – well – – hark on over HERE to learn MORE – –

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