Back on Wifi, and what I “learned” during my “time offline”, hehe
- ... Well, for one, never to take anything in life for GRANTED!

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So just like that … just like we were BACK into the “real world”, actually.

Like being transported back onto planet Earth from outer space – and like that – BLINK – up went them signal on the Wifi router, and here we are – for the nonce, at least, back on high speed internet (or as high as it gets around these parts, haha).

That experiment lasted all of TEN days then, I believe, including last night … and while it was a great experience in many regards, it wasn’t so great in some regards – but it WAS great practice – – for SURVIVING – – without what many people consider to be essential – – and on LESS than what most people would consider “less than optimal”.

Under circumstances less than savory if you get my drift, and if you’re reading this, and have been on my list a while, well, you KNOW what I BE talking about.

The survivor stuff. The predictions about things about to get a lot worse – and what you can do to PREPARE yourself for it – both MENTALLY and PHYSCIALLY (and don’t get me wrong – one is as important as the other!!).

A friend of mine Ricky recently said “Man, you have to get your wifi back online! I don’t care if you don’t exercise – or don’t drink beer – or are cooped up at home, but wifi, man, that’s an essential, like an organ in your body!”

And while I’m not quite so sure I agree with it being THAT essential, he has a point indeed – -especially when phone signals are weak, hehe.

Anyway, here is what I learned (some of what I already know) –

  1. No internet, or close to it makes for GREAT introspection time.
  2. While I’m up to date on most of the major news around the globe thanks to 4G when I did get it over the last week, I do NOT think I have missed anything earth shattering both in terms of major news – and minor.
  3. Nothing that couldn’t be predicted at any rate, hehe. Trump’s as it as usual (I love that guy!) – – and the lockdown in India, France, South Africa and God knows where else has been extended. And China has been locked down again in certain parts. And so forth.
  4. Yada, nada schnada. You get the drift!
  5. I learned just how potent FINGERTIP “floor pumper” – or “humper” – or “hugger” – what have you, hehe – pushups are … and as if I didn’t know that already, I have a bit of a bump on my chin to show for it. Wasn’t near as painful as the dislocated thumb I once suffered when doing a fingertip handstand (or on the way to it on a freezing winter night in China) … but not ideal either, hence my warning in the last email! Hehe.
  6. But Ill live – – and I discovered that with a bit of ingenuity its easy to LIVE – and SURVIVE – on bare essentials or less than that … and survive better than you’d think!
  7. I haven’t gone insane as yet – not any more so than I normally am, hehe. I’m still fit. In fact, I’ve discovered a new Hindu squat workout during the downtime … and I’ll likely be sharing it with ya as we go along!
  8. I did NOT miss the numerous Wechat notifications on my phone, hehe.
  9. Nor did I miss the Whatsapps. Or the Facebook’s. Or the… ah, but you get my drift!
  10. My wife probably DID miss her regular soap operas … ah, but that’s a tale for another time! As for my little one, she never even noticed the loss of Wifi it seems like. Kids are nothing but eternal optimists, and …

… well, we are at 10 already! Wow. There is MORE I learnt – but that can wait.

Last, but not least, it’s always wise NEVER to take anything in life for GRANTED – and thats probably the most important thing I could tell you here. I’ll have more on that in the next post – stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you be in a spirit of unbridled optimism – – and I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – This sort of feeling is what you get after a tough, tough workout that gets you in great shape – those of the type I mention in Pushup Central ,for instance. You’ll literally forget about all the hoo haa outdoors, lockdown “shockdowns”, virus “shyrus”, the slick shysters looking to pull a quick one during these tough times, and so forth once you get on workouts like this. Optimism UNBRIDLED – and here is where you can grab the book – – (Note this isn’t just the book – you get FIVE videos too – and you get a FREE copy of the Simple and Effective Diet while you’re at it!).

P.S #2 – My wife’s got a phone package along with the Internet, and although I did NOT ask for that to be activated specifically … it was. Now if there is ONE thing I hate more than anything else, it’s the TRING TRING of the phone. And that’s back on too now. Yikes!! Hehe …

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