Buffoon lawyers that dont know the law, and those that “need to get laid”, hehe.
- ... and why I hate bullies and ass kissers.

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Boy oh boy, my return to “WIFI land” seems to be proceeding exactly as it normally does – full of RABBLE rousing and CONTROVERSY, hehe.

Before I start this one, let me start out by saying I have NOTHING against lawyers – or those engaged in any profession in general – – other than ass kissers and whiners (in itself a job these days, or so it seems like, hehe_ – – and more than that – – bullies.

One of my best friends in India is Indian and a lawyer, and has helped me out IMMENSELY in times of need.

Conversely, one of my “worst enemies” (although I’ve forgotten about her, hehe) is ALSO a lawyer, or a lady that USED to be a lawyer at any rate (not sure what scam she’s up to now) – – one that made her living scamming clients – – quite literally – – and while I won’t reveal names here, the High Court of Delhi for one sure did reveal them names back in the day. Hehe.

Anyhow, this isn’t about courtroom battles that yours truly has been involved in, more than I can CARE to remember.

It’s about something that happened in one of those groups on Wechat I was idly browsing,  a group administered by an officious looking character (buffoon) that claims to be a “lawyer in China”.

Now, I don’t know what you guys reading this know about mainland China, but the country is (unfortunately, and I really do mean it) coming apart at the seams. The latest is that African Americans (oops, blacks, hehe) are being singularly targeted and victimized – and while this is NOT something new, especially in the community of guangzhou and thereabouts (and sorry China trumpeters, if you claim otherwise, you’re full of doo doo) … it’s reached record highs these days.

Apparently the “anti -foreign devil” movements seems to have picked up even more steam as of late, hehe, and the virus is (sadly) being used as an excuse for all sorts of outright racist behavior such as (believe it or not) barring foreigners from entering their OWN residential compounds … supermarkets, and the like – and why?

“Because you’re a foreigner!”

And given the anti-“dark” sentiment ALWAYS prevalent in China, the black folks over there naturally have it worse.

In fact, so bad that an official notice was recently posted on either the U.S. Embassy in Guangzhou’s website (or the State Department, can’t remember which) warning African Americans of this – and in short asking them to (indirectly) pretty much LEAVE unless they really, really have to be there.

To be honest, Trump probably has something to do with this brazen and TRUE announcements. Politics aside, I really don’t believe Prez Obama would have ever done it – – or authorized such a thing, but anyway, so one dude posted that in the group, and …

(oh, and in case you don’t believe me in terms of what I’m saying – I’ve got official pictures to the order of “Foreigners NOT allowed here” pasted all over supermarket entrances, gym doors, etc).

One would have thought that “dogs and Indians” not allowed would be the end of it, but apparently not. Hehe.

Anyway, that’s all this one dude did. He posted what was posted on the site, and the group administrator piped out.

I’m paraphrasing here because I couldn’t be least bothered to look at his actual words, but what he said was basically “don’t post anti-China stuff, or else!”

Huh?? Anti China?? How? Doesn’t the Chinese law itself prohibit racism in any way, shape form or kind?

When this was presented by the other guy to the good so called “lawyer” his response was (sadly) so typical of what is going on these days.

“Get out of China if you don’t like it!”

Huh?? Mr Shen, not only is that called bullying – – but you (when you kept claiming that it was illegal to post what the poster did) have ZERO knowledge of your own country’s law. It is NOT against the law to post official health related notices from any countrys website, which is really all the dude did!

And of course, I was removed from the group for saying it. So much for saying it like it is, and free discussion.

Of course, as the good lawyer said,

“China don’t care about your freedom of speech! Why you come here? Do you believe you can impose your democracy here? You’re not up to it!”


My response?

“Dude, I ain’t trying to tell y’all how to run your own country. Please don’t try and obfuscate the POINT”.

And so forth. Was great fun indeed calling him out, and on that note, another strange occurrence.

A dude that claimed to be Indian piped up with some ass kissing of his own basically doing his level best to turn mine, and everyone’s attention into the mess that India is currently turning into – – but hey, it wasn’t about India – – or the U.S. – – or any other country, was it?? Hehe.

When I asked him if he was a China apologist, he didn’t reply.

Perhaps I was just removed before he did and they’re probably having a gala time kissing each other’s ass or more, hehe. Don’t want to go there, but lawyer dude seriously looks like a) he needs to get  A LIFE and b) get LAID.

Haha! ‘Tis true, my friend, but I hate bullies – – so much so that I once almost strangled one in middle school (remember, I was NOT a big guy by any stretch …).

My Dad really gave me hell for that … and have I changed one damned bit since then?

Doesn’t seem like it, hehe, and on that note – it’ adios for now!

But before that, word of CAUTION.

Given the way the world is headed, self defense, and a GOOD, ROBUST physical constitution is becoming more and more necessary, my friend. This is probably one reason gun sales are shooting through the roof, which I don’t quite agree with either, but hey – in a time of rapidly escalating emergency, it becomes DOG eat DOG, and EACH MAN for himself.

It becomes SURVIVOR time – and physical fitness is the FIRST thing you need not just to tap bullies like never before … but also to SURVIVE … as we ALL will need to do (to a degree or more) in the days ahead.

Watch this space for more. For now, be sure and grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE – and Ill be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – – And no, the vast majority of the Chinese public isn’t anywhere near as crazed as this lunatic is. And another lady that once claimed she was in the “top 1%” of China, and was just as rabidly lunatic as this guy was. Top 1%. Lawyers. Hmm. Pattern forming, anyone? ?

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