22 seconds to super sore ABS – and lower back!
- ... kiddie style - except most adults would have a hard time doing it!

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At the time of writing this, it’s around 11 P.M. here and we still haven’t had dinner.

Actually, we’re about to eat soon – but my abs are BURNING, my friend – and my lower back is feeling like a steam roller worked it over.

Bear in mind I didn’t do any special workout at all at this point in time … except play a GAME.

The GAME my wife apparently devised, and a game that when I saw how to do it commented thus “Oh, that’s too simple!”

“Really” ,my lovely wife said. “Well, lets see you do it then!”

She was right, of course. Without knowing it I had replied like a lot of people do when they hear about bodyweight exercises in general and simply because this was a game – it set off the “easy” connotation in my mind.

And as I grinned, acknowledging my mistake, my wife had this to say.

“You’re the fitness expert. Now let’s see you play a kiddie game!”

Now to give you a bit of context my daughter’s been at home all day long these days. Schools and everything is STILL shut in here neck of the woods – – and she’s going “batshit” insane (pun NOT intended hehe) cooped up at home which for a young kid is understandable.

It’s gotten so bad that “play wrestling” with her in bed gives me a decent enough workout by itself, and not only that – the little lady can’t sleep well at night these days either, hehe, which isn’t surprising of course.

No calories burned, and so forth … no ENERGY burnt …

And its funny, but while playing this game – which by the way is a super QUICK – and super TOUGH workout for most adults – if they can even DO it – she asked us this question.

“Mommy, will this game help us all to sleep?”

My wife just grinned, but now, as I sit here nursing my uber sore abs my daughter’s voice still rings out in my ears.

Faster, Dad! Faster!

So what exactly is this game, you ask.

Well, it’s this – and do NOT diss it as being too simple, my friend (and if you do – well – TRY IT FIRST!).

You lie down on the bed – put a toy (or anything, really) between your feet – and lift your legs up as in a leg raise, ramrod straight. Your back should remain flat and so should your neck.

I cheated a bit, and my wife caught me at it, hehe, but that’s how to do it.

And you keep handing the toys between your feet in a controlled manner to the person behind you – in this case, that was my daughter.

Once you’re done with about 15 of these (depending upon the number of items) you switch positions. And then you switch -and go again.

Remember – – your feet should end up behind your head, or somewhere thereabouts!

About a few seconds of this is all the average adult can handle, if they can even lift their legs up off the ground / bed without their lower abs SCREAMING for mercy, hehe. Not to mention the lower back – and inner chest as well!

For me, it took me about 22 seconds the first time…Again, this depends upon the number of items – but hey – that’s ENOUGH time to get a great workout in!

(and of course, for those of you that complain about not having “time” – – well – – surely we all have 22 seconds x 2 or 3, no??)

Believe me now and trust me later, the simplest of movements can be turned into a great, great workout – – I am telling you this while nursing super sore abs, hehe, and I remember we included a variant of this movement in Corrugated Core, which is just as effective, except in a different way – the V-up.

I’ll write more on that one later, but for now, you have the exercise above to try – preferably right after you read this email. Try it, and let me know how you do!

Oh, and point to bear in mind – – as my wife surreptitiously told me during the “game”.

“She would NEVER EVER do this if we didn’t present it as a game”.

I nodded.


And as I sit here typing this, my little girl is almost falling asleep, and yours truly has the appetite of a roused grizzly, hehe.

So that’s the workout of the night – a workout YOU too can do – preferably with family, hehe. Let me know how you do with it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, Kiddie Fitness is a book that has PLENTY of such workouts that you and your child can do together. Not only do you ensure your kids get a super workout – but you ensure you yourself don’t gain a lick of fat during all this lockdown madness – if you just DO the exercise along with your little one, or even without, hehe. Here is where you can grab Kiddie Fitness – – https://0excusesfitness.com/kiddie-fitness/

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