- is one NOT to be ignored.

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This email is being written IN THE FLOW, hehe … as my wife brushes her teeth early in the morning.

Lets see who finishes first. Me – or her!

She normally takes around 15 minutes or so for this task as opposed to me that does a quick and dirty “2 minute job”, hehe. She often tells me to pay more attention to, ah, but that isn’t the point of this missive.

OK, start clock. 857 AM. Bright and early for a change, maybe that’s because I finally chose to get back on WIFI? Back to the real world? Hehe…

Anyway, I’ve spoken in the past about attracting what it is you want in life – and fitness – or finances, for that matter to you through the power of visualization, focusing on the end goal, and FEELING good about it – and many other such “tricks” (which aren’t tricks at all, by the way!).

I’ve spoken about being in the right EMOTIONAL state to attract what you want in life to yourself, and while visualization is one way to GET into this state – and activate what they call the “Law of Attraction”, there is MORE.

There is another MORE important “law” as it were – or an emotional state – or a combo thereof – that being the law of gratitude – something which we truly need to APPLY more in our daily lives – and something without which you’ll find it very difficult indeed or almost impossible to attract that which you WANT into your life.

Or get into the right emotional state for doing so, for that matter.

This morning when I woke up, I felt GRATEFUL for no reason – and PEACEFUL. I often feel this way, but I’ve also been guilty of the opposite as I’m sure some of you guys reading this have and so I sit here, writing this to you …

I felt grateful for the small things in life – such as Wifi, hehe.

I felt grateful for my HEALTH – and FITNESS – especially in these trying times.

I felt grateful to have food on the table and lights on – again, especially in these trying times. Sounds insignificant I know, but it isn’t – the small things are what count – and add up!

And of course, I felt grateful for customers like YOU – that buy from me – support me – and BENEFIT immensely from my books and teachings – so a huge thank you to YOU – you know who you are!

And so forth.

I was also reminded of an interesting thing my Dad said years ago back in the day when I was little more than a kid.

“We get used to the good things in life very easily”.

Now, it is well known that he and I see eye to eye on almost nothing, but there are SOME things I agree with him on, and this is on.

He was referring to air conditioning which at the time was a luxury in India (which is where we were then) … but it holds true for just about anything.

Take a minute, and stop to ponder all the things that might be GONE from you the next minute, my friend – things you take for granted.

Lifewise – fitnesswise – relationship wise – and indeed even financially, I bet you anything that if you do this analysis, you’ll come up with AT LEAST ten reasons to be GRATEFUL about what you have NOW, my friend.

And believe me, it’s true. I’ve been in relationships in the past which after I left I mused over … and wondered “what if”.

True, there was a reason, and a damn good one that those relationships ended as they did, but often times, and far too often we’re guilty of NOT appreciating what we have – when we do have it!

And fitness wise, how does this relate? Or does it?

You bet it does, my friend!

Let me give you an example. The hill near my house, for instance.

Most people, locals included, don’t give this a passing thought. It’s just “there”. It’s always “there”.

So, people end up taking it for granted.

And in the process, forget what a great, great workout tool it is – – – and how it would be if they did NOT have said tool, for instance. I know this feeling – – when I’m away from my hill for an extended period, I feel like something’s been TAKEN away from me.

And curiously enough when I get back – – although I’m grateful as heck to have it there, very quickly, I settle into a feeling of “oh, it’s there”, and …!

True, it is GOOD and indeed you SHOULD get “used to the good things in life” – but being GRATEFUL, and finding reasons to do so is what really puts you into peak emotional state of RECEIVING – in any area of your life.

And so, let me end with one simple task for you.

Take a sheet of paper. Preferably 8 x11, but if you don’t have that, something similar will do.

Take a pen, preferably a RED one.

And start writing down things you’re grateful about.

When you hit 10, stop and ponder these things – – and before you know it, you’ll have ten MORE things on paper – and then 10 more. And so forth.

I know this to be true. I did this before writing to you, and I have a sheet currently overflowing with more than 78 items, and counting!

And that, my friend, is what life is really about. Be grateful for the small things in life – and indeed what you have – and stand back and watch as you receive more of what it is you DO want – either lifewise or fitness wise!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Almost forgot to add being grateful for good FRIENDS that will help you when you really, really need it ..

P.S #2 – By the way, the hill I refer to so often is mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and as for being grateful you can literally FEEL the vibe when I talk to YOU in the videos. Perhaps that is one reason why the series has been so successful – who knows! Go ahead and find out for yourself right here – –

P.P.S – 9:10 AM. 1050 or so words. Oh, and the wife won … as the clock strikes 9:11!

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