“Are foreigners in China all sexpats?”
- … and more on PRECONCIEVED and usually WRONG notions …

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Well, it’s been an interesting day so far. Sent you the email on gratitude, marketed the post very unashamedly and UNABASHEDLY, hehe, and did up another one on TEMB.

Did I mention him? Him of the “floor humper pushups”, and a good friend and buddy, hehe.

He made a comment about me looking like a spiderman and while you pushup afficiandos will instantly make connotations (and I don’t blame ya, hehe) – this particular missive is NOT to talk about pushups, well, not mostly.

So, after doing all that and doing some writing for my other business, I took a break.

I woke up at 11 today, so probably didn’t need one, but was feeling nice and relaxed, and I idly clicked on a pizza group on my Wechat.

And I saw a massive political discussion going on there – – mostly centered around – yeah, you guessed it Trump bashing, and NOT calling a spade a spade (and vilyfing those that DO).

Much like what happened yesterday in Mr. Shen’s group – a tool if there ever was one and a bully, and while nothing of this sort was happening in this group, I felt the “mob mentality” – and the VIBE.

Like I said in an email a while back, its NOT so much what you say. It’s often and usually HOW you say it.

And this one dude was being hopelessly outnumbered by a bunch of insane, asisine comments advocating nothing but PANIC and stating the exact opposite of fact, and I just had to break my own self imposed rule of NOT engaging much in these type of discussions (heck, I didn’t even notice it last night) and DIVING in – HEADFIRST.

Gotta take a STANCE, my friends as I’ve often said.

If you believe in something – – deeply so – – then FIGHT FOR IT. Take a stance, and don’t be worried about the morons and naysayers urging you to do otherwise.

Believe me, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself, and yes, I’m talking fitness too.

Anyway, when Rahul Mookerjee takes a stance, people get pissed – QUICK, hehe, for all the wrong reasons.

But I’m pretty thick skinned. I’ve heard it all, and to be fair, political discussions can get very heated, but as I was rather enjoying the discussion (hey, being honest!) – a woman jumped in.

And here was her FIRST comment

Now I do NOT have screen shots to prove this one as I did the last time around, but even if I did – I probably wouldn’t name and shame, if just to keep the name of Bartolini’s the pizza group out of all this hehe.

The owner is a good friend, and makes the best damned pizza I’ve had in Southern China by far. If you’re in ever (was that the other way around, hehe) Dongguan – bonny DONGGUAN, or nearby, hit me up, and I’ll hook you up with the BEST damned pizza in Southern China.

And this is coming from me, whose been to Schenectady in NY where I’ve had my share of GOOD – awesome food.

An Italian family owned pizza biz for one. Lines so long outside the restaurant that even Monday night RAW was left behind, hehe, and they STILL wouldn’t deliver.

Tells you a lot about SUCCESSFUL businesses, my friend.

And of course the SPICY chicken wings made by the Afghans running the nearby convenience store …

Ah, but where was I.

The comment.

“You and (insert other dude’s name) are typical sexpats and losers and SJW’s! Go back to your own country”.

I couldn’t believe I was reading that, and initially I let it slide, but after it was repeated, I had to reply to the lady – – I’m using the term politely here – – and call her out – – NOT politely – – on her Nazi feminist crap.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m a VOCAL AND HUGE supporter of TRUE feminism.

Equal rights are fair, fine and should be given but the other side of the coin is RESPONSIBILITY. Trump VS NY anyone??

The state begs for funding from the Feds when they had enough to start with (at least in terms of equipment) – – enough that they did NOT reveal – – and now when Trump wants them to do the right thing and start the economy back up, they throw a hissy.

I mean GROW UP fellas.

With rights come responsibility. IF you want the feds to keep your nose out of your biz – then don’t go abegging for money and such to them. ‘Tis just that simple!

And back to the point at hand. The personal remark.

It pissed me so much (and believe it or not, yours truly was the first person warned for SAYING something about said retard) that I left the group – – something that I never normally do. So therefore no screen shot, but it’s probably best I don’t have it, hehe.

I’m back in it now, of course, but here is the point.

People have PRE-CONCIEVED notions about everything, which are usually WRONG. So wrong that you could write a tome on it and then some.

And while it is true that SOME folks in China fit the category above, aren’t there said people in other countries?

That person was calling EVERY foreigner in China a “loser” – -when it honestly seemed like she was sitting in her Mama’s basement chowing on Cheetos and complaining about “how unfair her parents were” to not give her her own room at the age of 35.

Or some such horse manure. Yada, Nada, schnada.

And when it comes to fitness?

Same damn thing, my friend.

Oh, bodyweight exercise?? No way! How that can help anyone (despite solid proof and results that they DO).

Oh, bodyweight stuff is too easy! I’ll never gain a lick of muscle from it!

Oh, I need to run on the tread-monstrosity for hours at a steady pace to lose weight. This “Eat More -Weigh Less” stuff is marketing B.S. – -it just aint possible.

And so forth.

And if you’re in the above crowd, well rest assured of one thing at least. You ain’t in the minority by far hehe.

Shake of head. What has the world come to when simple basic common sense is anything but common. And no, I’m not a huge supporter of the global shutdowns for those that may ask.

Shut down a country and (sorry, but Trump DID say it, hehe) you literally bring a country to ruin.

Precautions, NOT panic!

And again – get rid of the preconceived notions. They just ain’t true, my friend.

On that note, check out the 0 Excuses Fitness System. If you have any preconcienved notions about health and fitness, well, they’re probably WRONG, my friend. Check it out right now – – and get back to me later – – I promise you won’t be disappointed!



P.S. – Don’t just check it out and dismiss it as hooey. DO the thing, my friend, and as Emerson said, you WILL have the power. Every little bit does count. Fat can only accumulate on the part of the body where there is LEAST activity (Eugene Sandows, I think it was) and in that spriit – lift that right buttcheek up and pull out that wallet – and start your fitness journey right HERE – – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/   

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