One minute workouts throughout the day
- .. are brutally effective!

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Sounds insane, doesn’t it? The concept of a ONE minute workout … coming from the guy who hiked hills for hours at one point in his life?

Sounds crazy, don’t it? All the “8 minute workout” emails I sent out in the past …

And yet, my friend, there is a method to the madness here.

After sending you that last email on stretching, and getting rid of the crick in my neck, I felt pumped.

So pumped that I stopped yet again, walked around my room a coupla minutes, and then took a deep breath, and jumped into a set of Hindu squats.

I did 50.

Took me about a minute or so, and I wasn’t quite wiped out by it, and neither was I panting heavily.

But I did feel it! I haven’t been doing the squats for ages, and I decided I’d do some – and after I did ‘em, I realize my entire body HAD been worked – if just for one minute.

And I’m pumped again, and even broke a light sweat, hehe.

And I feel good. The neck crick has all but GONE, and while I don’t recommend treating SERIOUS sprains or injuries this way, bear in mind that a LOT of injuries, even seemingly painful ones such as the “handstand while my thumb popped out and BACK in during the winter” experience (easily the most painful I’ve ever had till date) CAN be treated if you just get the blood flowing in an indirect manner.

Which is what I did today. And that’s what I did with the thumb too, despite being told to splint it, or otherwise let it recover.

Today, it’s like I never had the injury at all – in contrast to what people told me about “you’ll always feel this during the winter!”

And here is my point … I don’t just advocate 1 minute workouts for the purpose I mentioned above, although yes, they DO work for this purpose too – and well.

I advocate these for people who claim they’re “too busy” to workout (an asinine claim considering the lockdowns globally – if anything, EVERYONE has more than 15 minutes or so to spend on a workout these days!) … or for those that “don’t like working out at all, period”, or for those that “don’t want to do it”.

And so forth.

Lots of the procrastination, negative feelings etc about exercise can be removed if you … JUST DO IT!

In terms of what I teach, and it works, it’s simple.

Get the product.

Follow along with me, either via the videos or the BOOKS. And just do it.

It doesn’t need to take forever when you first start. In fact it likely won’t.

And even if you get to an advanced stage, quick and dirty is sometimes what does it. While I banged out 250 odd pushups in record quick time in the 0 Excuses workout video, what some may not notice that all I did was 50 squats at the start of it.

That’s it.

And that’s all you need … sometimes.

Am I advocating never do MORE?

Heck no!

You can, and should shoot for more, but the one minute workout idea has MERIT, my friend.

Drop down, and give me  50 NOW – regardless of what you’re doing. Or 20. Whatever you can DO.

And then, tell me how you FEEL.

Nothing else. Just how you FEEL.

Repeat after a few hours. Report back.

And that, I bet, my friend, will answer your questions more effectively than yours truly ever could!

Hehe. I’m out for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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