Is selling a “bad thing”?
- I think NOT, my friend!

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In the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, I mentioned the real life story of the company I worked at at the time, and gave you 10 (or was it 20, hehe) sales tips that you can pretty much apply to any situation in life (when you’re trying to or need to SELL).

Could be I.T. projects or diamonds or info products, or just yourself during a job interview.

Could be either offline – or online – or a combo of both.

Could be via email or other means. The list goes on and on and on, with the main focus being one thing – selling – and doing so SUCCESSFULLY.

For whatever reason though, selling has got a BAD RAP … and continues to get flak – entirely undeservedly for the most part, if I might say so.

I still remember the reaction my immediate family had when I told them I was entering sales.

“Pah! Sales! The real work is done by operations!” (and prior to that I was in support/operations, getting bored out of my skull doing NOTHING productive pretty much for the most part that really added to the company’s bottom line).

This was my father that said this, and when I mentioned this to my colleague at the company, he was shocked.

“Sales is how the ENGINE of any company runs. Look at what the CEO’s do – do they focus on operations, or sales??”

He wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t know. Of course, when the “winds turned South” a few months later, this same person came back to me and told me “you’re just a sales person! We can hire plenty more!”

And later on down the line …

And quietly to their new hires …

“I don’t know if you know it, but we had a guy like Rahul who could bang out emails like no-one’s business better than anyone we’ve seen before!”

Facts. Pseudo hypocrisy (and in that case, I don’t mind it; dude was doing what he had to jobwise, hehe). Ass kissing when the situation demands it. And so forth.

And where was I again? Ah yes, SALES …

Sales, my friend is truly how ANY business runs. Despite the hoo haa and naysayers about “operations being the one that does the work” (and in many cases they do NOT – reference the book I mentioned) … SALES and MARKETING are the lifeblood of any organization, and if you want to get better at business, then SALES and MARKETING are the first coupla things you need to get good at – very good!

Don’t get me wrong. A good product, and of course after sales service etc are important, but the key is this – until you have REVENUE coming in – you don’t put food on the table and pay dem pesky bills.

‘Tis just that simple, my friend.

The other day I read a blog about “why is everyone selling all the time”.

Some chick wrote the blog, and I’ll try and find the URL if y’all BE interested, but she was basically ranting about the fact that a lot of info marketers do their best to sell –  – in EVERY interaction.

And that she herself was more interested in “helping people out of the kindness of her heart. Yes, she wanted money, don’t get her wrong, but that wasn’t her passion! It was to help people!”

Before I get started on how ridiculous and asinine and illogical (amongst others) this blanket statement is – let me state something.

Helping people IS what it’s all about. And NO, NOT all info marketers do their best to sell in every conversation!

Often times, customers will email about exercises, asking me how to do ‘em, and I’ll take the time to reply to them in a very through manner, even if I say so myself, and in some cases BEFORE they bought the product.

Case in point being Gautam from India, for instance. Or Charles, another regular I’ve often mentioned in these emails. And so forth.

Second, you SELL because you HELP people.

And to give helping people a bad rap is silly, no?

I mean, if someone needs to know how to lose weight – if that would HELP the person overall – – then am I, or someone else doing the world a disservice by promoting a product that WILL help them? I don’t think so, my friend.

The same people that piss and moan about people selling stuff online etc are the same people that go to Walmart, and happily shell out money for clothes, TV’s, cable subscriptions, NetFlix ,the latest dumbphone (iphones!) and so forth.

Are those “worth” it? Required? No, but if they are for THOSE people, what about the people selling them and the constant sales pitches you get from Apple, so to speak? Or any other big company?

Last, but NOT least … this person is clearly NOT being 100% honest.

She says it’s not about the money, but if I were to give her a million dollars tomorrow and ask her to SELL in every post, what are the chances that she would ACCEPT it?

Hehe .. you be the judge, my friend!

There ain’t nutting wrong with selling is the point of today’s post – and on that note – I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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