“I am NOT a yoga teacher”
- Yoga, shmoga ...

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So, as I was browsing through my Wechat the other day, I saw a post from “Jiji”, a person that used to own a learning center in mainland China, and perhaps still does.

Now, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary of course. I see posts from her all the time, but as of late, it’s been a different kind.

Like I said, this lady runs (or used to, or perhaps still does) a learning center (right, that dreaded elephant in the room ESL, UGH!) … and she was doing fairly well too apparently, until last year.

And nowadays, all I see is posts of her (almost akin to SPAM) selling clothes and other products.

It’s a new product daily, and the marketing is nigh terrible – and non existent. All she does is post pictures of her products and then expect people to click through and BUY.

And believe it or not, she ain’t selling essentials.

How she expects folks to actually buy is beyond me, but that isn’t the point of this email, of course.

“Hi Jiji!” I casually remarked a couple of days ago.

“From learning center owner to clothes seller … quite a change!”

Now, I must admit there was more than a touch of saracasm in my post.

This lady is the sort that (in a friendly manner) pays expats WAY less than what she SHOULD be in terms of wages …and while yours truly does NOT teach English unless he gets paid damned well, and even then usually not, I still had to point out that fact when I first met her last year.

Of course, she claimed she “couldn’t afford it”.

Yeah. Right. Couldn’t afford it my ass. She can afford fancy makeup, a nice SUV, a huge learning center but can’t afford to pay teachers what they’re worth. Misplaced priorities anyone, and is it any surprise that the ESL industry has been dead for years, populated as it is with such mentalities?

Anyway, she didn’t address the fact, which was of course that the Chinese economy is literally on it’s last legs, and people are SCRAMBLING to make a buck – any which way, hehe, and ole Jiji is NOT an exception to this rule.

And of course, she wouldn’t admit it honestly. They never do, do they? Hehe …

“From teacher to tea seller (coffee, I think she said) to yoga teacher”, she responded in a friendly yet sarcastic manner.

“Wow, Jiji. You sure did avoid the question”, I tittered back.

And then I started on in my own vein, hehe.

“Teacher? English teacher?? You know very well I don’t do that unless I get paid **** RMB/hour, Jiji. We mentioned that in our first conversation … and I have screenshots, in case you forget, hehe”.


“As for yoga … I don’t even know yoga. How would I teach it? Not only that, even if I did know it (I do to an extent, actually, hehe) – – I would NEVER teach yoga despite the GOOD money on offer, because I believe it to be essentially useless in terms of what most people are looking to do which is to build muscle and lose FAT”.

Crickets, and then an embarrassed “smile” from her, and then again … crickets.

And so this brings me to two points.

First off, be honest, my friend. Your FAKENESS stands out a mile or two, and for wolves like us that have the keenest noses around, we can smell BS from MILES away, and we track it down too, hehe.

And we ain’t scared to say it like it IS either!

And two, I do NOT teach yoga.

More to the point, and this is really what I wanna say … 0 Excuses Fitness is NOT yoga.

Eat More – Weigh Less is NOT yoga.

Shoulders like Boulders is not airy fairy, Jane Fonda like rubbish.

And so forth.

I teach REAL exercises – – that get REAL results and if you want the same – – well, start right HERE my friend – –

And that’s that for today’s blast. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More on this subject later, stay tuned – but if your kids are going nigh crazy during times of lockdown that now don’t look to be ending since September (and there was this report, hopefully NOT true about the COVID really resurging late Nov this year) … then go HERE to calm ‘em down. . .

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