More on TIME WASTERS, and why yoga shmoga SUCKS for the average person.
- It truly does, my friend!

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Woke up this morning to a comment from a person on my WeChat list (in response to a photo I shared yesterday about my book “Dish Delicious”).

This person seems Indian (or of Indian origin), which is likely why she asked, but it is one of those ANNOYING one line questions that make you want to puke (if you’re part of those in the know, hehe) because you KNOW what is coming next.

She could care less about the book, or anything I’m posting.

She’s interested in wasting time with meaningless questions. The last time she contacted me she went off on a tangent about “why are you so upset” (huh?? I wasn’t upset in the least!) and she then proceeded to badger me about civet cat coffee which she wanted a while ago, but I didn’t have.

Civet cat coffee, for those that don’t know is the world’s most expensive coffee – – made from … civet cat DROPPINGS.

And people pay big bucks for that, and don’t balk at the prices. Yikes!

Anyway, she knows fully well that the lockdown is in full force in many parts of the world, and this coffee ain’t exactly something that can be shipped out a minute’s notice. She’s been told that. And yet …

Anyway, more on timewasters later.

Back to yoga shmoga, and don’t get me wrong. While the average person reading this may like yoga, let me give you a few reasons as to why yoga will NOT work for the average person in terms of achieving weight loss goals (and building muscle?? Forget about it, pally!).

First, like anything else, yoga has to be done right. Much like swimming, another great exercise, the strokes need to be done correctly and so it with yoga – and most people do NOT do yoga correctly – period.

This holds DOUBLY true for those from mainland China, or in mainland China. Yoga is all the craze there now, and anyone with tanned skin and their mama has become a yoga teacher there, but all the yoga I’ve seen done there is a BASTARDIZED version of the real thing – which itself is too hard for most people to do, so guess what they do – they do the exact opposite of what gets results – they dilute it and make it easy.

Not to mention of course that mainland China has an annoying habit of quietly copying things (or brands) and then claiming “they invented it”.

There’s chicken shops with ole Saunder’s picture outside it everywhere in the mainland, for one, and many of these chains are a blatant knock off of KFC. In fact, so blatant that they didn’t even bother to change the pointy beard before calling it “their own!”

Same with yoga etc. And for those wondering, NO, Tai Chi did NOT come from China. It originated in Southern India – – more on that later though.

Second, yoga is basically a stretching based workout IF DONE right.

And most people don’t do it right. The stretches are often extreme, and the average lardass would probably tear a hamstring or both trying to get into some of the elementary stretches and that’s me being FRANK.

How do I know? Well, I tried it during my lardass days, and so have some of my students during their own “weigh more eat more, hehe” days.

Third, there is no palpable cardio involved. No, sitting in a sauna doing yoga doesn’t mean you’re burning calories just because you’re sweating my friend (sorry Bikram, but ‘tis true). You may shed a bit of water weight, but NOTHING permanent.

Fourth, and not least, yoga has no strength building component in it. Less muscle automatically means less fat burnt, my friend  – – which is a SCIENTIFIC fact, and if you don’t believe me, go look it up on Google or something.

And there are many more, but all of those should be enough to convince the Doubting Thomases, hehe – or maybe not. I don’t know, and I don’t care. My job is to present it like it is – and if someone chooses not to believe in it, all for the better.

Anyway, the lady I referred to above commented on either the pictures of Dish Delicious – – or Corrugated Core.

I asked her which one, and she didn’t respond. Typical eh.

If it’s the latter though, you yoga fans will have a hey day – because what I teach in there is YOGA PLUS.

Some of the movements may look like yoga movements, but they’re anything but, and they actually WORK. In fact, you can get a solid, heart thumping workout doing nothing but the ELEMENTARY exercises mentioned therein, and do fine for the rest of your life – and we haven’t even gotten to the intermediate and advanced stages yet.

Pick it up right now if that’s your cup of tea my friend.

And on another note, some guy messaged me on LinkedIn with the following.

“I like you. I hope you can write about me!”

… My response?

“Buy a product. USE it. Send me a testimonial – and I’ll write about it – and make you world famous!”

Hehe. And on that note, I’m out. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re looking for gob smacking, lip licking DELICIOUS recipes that (yes, you can make ‘em during lockdown as well!) you have NOT seen elsewhere, then click on over HERE, my friend.

P.S #2 – And along with that, be warned. You must pick up a copy of Eat More – Weigh Less too – unless you choose to become “as  big as a house” after partaking of the recipes and the results, hehe.

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