Breaking a sweat almost instantly, and breathing hard long AFTER the workout is over!
- .. is when you KNOW you're burning FAT - big time!

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So after dashing off that last email on yoga shchmoga, yours truly felt like DOING something.

Not for me just arm chair theorizing. I DO what I teach you – practice what I preach – on a daily basis, and on that “poignant” (I can see ya’ll reaching for your ‘kerchiefs, LOL) note I dropped down and gave myself 100.

100 Hindu squats as it were, and I must admit I paused a wee bit in there … a second after 60 squats to turn around and do ‘em from the opposite direction.


Because as my buddy from Australia Glenn likes to say “Because I can!”

And so pumped was I after that brief 2.5 minute blast that I was breathing heavily – and PANTING – and sweating, and this with the ceiling fan ON at full blast.

Which of course should NOT come as a surprise to the 0 Excuses Fitness GANG, especially not those of you that have seen me pound out 250 pushups in an easy to follow along video right there in my living room with the AIR con on full blast, no less!

Anyway, I’m still sweating, and still breathing hard a good ten minutes after the workout, and by that I don’t mean panting.

I mean breathing HARD.

I mean my body is hard at work burning fat, while I’m “hard at work” writing this to you. It’s also hard at work releasing HGH … boy these brief workouts make me feel GREAT – and they will have the same effect on you too my friend, if you just do the thing and follow along!

Now, does lengthy yoga compare?

Can it even hold a candle to what I’m doing?

In less than 5 minutes I was done with a ball buster of a workout. Strength, conditioning in spades, and flexibility at the end too.

And of course, a great overall buzz something that does NOT come from sitting in Bikram Yoga in heated yoga centers or saunas for hours on end.

Don’t get me wrong. Something is still better than nothing.

But if you’re part of the crowd (and a growing one from what I can tell) that does yoga for hours, and doesn’t really see the effects … at least NOT in terms of fat loss, then you’d be well advised to give what I am saying a try, my friend.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you really want ADVANCED, and really want to be able to FEEL the fat melting off AS you workout, well, I’ve got the ticket for you … just the ticket – and it’s right HERE.

And if you choose to remain on the “lsd cardio” and yoga shmoga train?

Well, you ain’t gonna hear a peep from me, hehe. My job is to PRESENT the FACTS to you.

After that, its’ truly up to you my friend. I’m not here to hold hands or run after you if you’re not serious – but for the minority reading this that IS serious – well – I’m here for ya!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – FORM is paramount on Hindu squats unless you want to risk injury or worse – and also to get MAX BENEFIT out of this great, great movement. You will NOT benefit unless you do these right, and NO, you cannot learn these on the Internet either (I would NOT be lying to tell you that the form most of the so called “pundits” teach on this is way, way off – and is INJURIOUS to your health as opposed to BENEFICIAL).

HERE is where you can learn ‘em – from one that’s been there, done that, and does so daily – – –

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