The power of a focused MIND, and turning ADVERSITY INTO ADVANTAGE
- A must read!

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So as I sit here writing this to you, my mind isn’t FULLY on what I’m writing … or not 100% at any rate, but I’m still getting her done.

Most people that read my emails, and indeed my books (and believe me, I’ve done FAR MORE writing in another genre than I have my fitness stuff, although yes, I’ve written a lot on fitness too)  would never suspect this, of course.

I’ve often got accolades on my writing and thought processes, and while I’m not saying that to blow my own bugle, ‘tis a fact … as much as what I’m gonna tell you now.

That being the power of a focused mind.

As I sit here writing this, my daughter BE yelling during the lockdown.

She’s stand outside the door, asking Papa if he was “scared of foxes” – -despite knowing how much I HATE being interrupted, and yet she does it, on a regular basis.

I close the door, but she opens. I lock it, and she bangs. I yell “I’m busy”, and she yells back. And so forth.

And then of course, my beloved wife, and the pots and pans banging away at the kitchen, and numerous doorbells jangling, and the bally phone (boy if there was ONE benefit I ENJOYED about no Wifi, it was no PHONE, ugh!) ringing off the darn hook, it’s a mad house at the best of times, and during LOCKDOWNS, or close to it, well, you can well imagine how it is!

For some reason, the goddamned phone will ring, usually along with the damned doorbell (lockdown??) just as it I sit down ready to write.

For some reason, my little one will choose just that moment to pipe up ..

And so forth.

While all of this was NOT a problem when I was a single wolf, hehe, it is NOW … well, when I’m with family at any rate and not on one of my “extended breaks” as it were (more on that later).

And I’d be LYING to say I like it, or enjoy it. I don’t, but sometimes, it is what it is, my friend.

And as I sit here writing this, my ears ringing from what my daughter yelled back (you’d think she’s Mommy and I’m a kid, hehe) … the old Napoleon Hilll quote comes to mind.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the SEED of an EQUIVALENT, or GREATER benefit” …

Note though that as Hill says in “Outwitting the Devil”, he doesn’t necessarily mean the seed of full blown SUCCESS, but the seed from which that plant may be made to GERMINATE.

And it’s true, my friend.

In THIS situation, what it helps me develop even more so than my normal abilities, and on a daily basis, is a sharp and focused mind.

The ability to BLOCK out everything while creating products or writing to you.

Not ideal the noise, but hey, there’s always an upside, and this is ONE very important upside my friend.

The power of a FOCUSED mind cannot be overestimated, and this brings me to two points.

One, being this – developing a laser sharp focus and the ability to block out other people’s noise, BS etc is crucial to success in any endavor, fitness included.

You’ll have jokers at the gym do their best to interrupt you as you do Hindu squats, for instance.

“Those aren’t good for the knees!”

You’ll have nuts trying to tell you pushups arne’t the best damned exercise ever. You’ll have lunatics picking just that moment to “talk to you” – – as they often do right here in mainland China during my workouts – UGH!!

And so forth.

The ability to BLOCK all this out and keep going is crucial, my friend – so crucial that I Could write a tome on it, and probably will someday.

And two, this – that as Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, the POWER of an ORGANIZED master mind cannot be overestimated.

By that he meant that while one mind working towards a goal is good, and admirable provided it does the right things, nothing can beat that mind in CONJUNCTION with other like minded minds, and this, more than anything else is the key to real success down the ages.

You’ll not have to look very far to see examples of this either!

And in terms of fitness, that’s why we have the 0 Excuses SHIP, where like minded folks can jump aboard, and TURBO charge their way to super fitness levels, and get in the best darn shape of their lives – in record times, along with other like minded folks!

And that’s that for now, as my daughter is creating a MESS in the backyard. Oh boy! Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Be sure to join the SHIP right here my friend. One of the benefits is that it gives you UNLIMITED AND UNRESTRICTED access to ALL my products as long as you’re a member, and that alone is worth the investment in SPADES. Jump ABOARD now!

P.S #2 – Sure hope the wife and daughter don’t see this post, hehe …

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