“Looks like the food was enough, eh”
- ..it certainly was!

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So, today’s email will be another interesting trip down memory lane – – for me, and something you guys will mostly likely be able to relate to.

As I ate a great lunch this afternoon (which I’ll post pictures of shortly on Instagram), I was reminded of one thing – – that I ate EXACTLY the same thing on one of my trips to Khajjiar years ago – – that wonderful hill station I write about so often indeed!

I’ve written about my most recent trip there, but THIS trip was in 2011 I believe, or perhaps 2012. Can’t quite recall, but it was before I moved to the Middle East for a very brief period (more on that period and my workouts there later!).

That was BEFORE we had a bonny little girl tagging along with us, hehe, and ‘twas a most enjoyable trip – – every bit as enjoyable as the one that would come years later.

For those that don’t know, this spot is known as the Switzerland of India, and I have done up a travelogue on this as well – something I have NOT published as yet, but something that is written, and will be out shortly along with other travel stories as well.

And as soon as you arrive at this tiny little hamlet in the Himalayas you see a vast green meadow … rolling green and PICTURE PERFECT meadow as it were, replete with cows, sheep and rabbits (and of course, and somewhat unfortunately a lot of the associated manure as well).

And as I grabbed a beer (Kingfisher STRONG!) to celebrate the trip one fine afternoon, I had a plate of snacks and ketchup in my hand as I drank.

Beer and snacks, you say.

Well, nothing so strange about that …

… and there wasn’t, except this was back when I was a bonafide 120 kg lardass, hehe. The picture I’m referring to is on my Facebook, so you’ll see it if you’re a friend of mine there, but regardless … I was BIG back then. Real BIG, and no, despite what it may look like (w.r.t the “you were thick” comments back then, for one!) – I was one thing first and foremost above all – FAT.

Yep, that’s it. FAT, big time.

OK, I still worked out, hence the muscle and thickness but I was carrying around way too much lard, and nowhere was this more visible than when I sat down, and the wife took a picture of me with the beer and food.

It received tons of “likes” when she posted it on her Facebook and a comment where a colleague of her couldn’t help but comment in jest.

“Was the food enough? Sure looks like it!”

And I couldn’t stop LAUGHING when I read that, and neither could the wife, hehe.

And sad part?

Well, what I looked like back then was viewed upon as NORMAL – – even back THEN.

Believe it now and trust me later, I’ve seen lardasses (especially back in the South in the U.S., but more recently here in good ole China as well) that would make me look positively REED like – and if you’ve seen the picture I am referring to, well, that’s SOMETHING.

Believe it or not, the “weights upon the planet” (I’m translating from Hindi, hehe, for those of you that KNOW) that I saw in Barnhill’s buffet back in 1999 would literally make me look skinny – – and those people weren’t even called “fat”.

They were called big, and while there WERE folks that were called fat – – back then, you literally had to be 400 plus pounds in order for that moniker to stick.

And today?

Well, probably like 500 if we were to take into consideration today’s politically correct, sissified world.

Anyway, we got some great walks in on that holiday, and then again when we returned – – and burnt a ton of fat too.

Only to put it RIGHT BACK on the first time – and keep it off the next – and that’s another tale – for another time!

All for now, my friend. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Good news is, you do NOT need a hill or anything of that nature to start dropping the lard lumps quicker than FAT off a George Forearm grill. I have certain custom exercises and movements that will do the SAME thing – probably even quicker. Here is where you can grab the course on literally EATING MORE – and weighing LESS! – – https://0excusesfitness.com/eatmore-weighless/   

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