Are governments globally trying to squeeze the MIDDLE CLASS out of existence?
- Thought provoking, but true!

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As this lockdown madness continues globally, each country implementing their own version of the chaos, and of course in American each state, county etc doing so as they choose (and that’s how it should be!!) … I have to stop and shake my head.

Earlier on this morning I read some news about India – where micro-breweries are being forced to dump off their admittedly very tasty BEER … into the drain, because the government in India has for whatever reason banned ALL alcohol and tobacco sales during the lockdown .

And other than a few African nations, I cannot think of a single country that has taken things to such giddy limits when it is UNWARRANTED.

I cannot think of a single nation that has given a nation of a billion plus FOUR HOURS to shut down – willy nilly, abruptly – – a total shutdown that was obviously very poorly planned, and obviously is causing way more of a humanitarian crisis right now that the government is doing its best to gloss over.

I cannot think of, ah, but wait. India is hardly the only one. While China admittedly didn’t lock down the entire nation, they had restrictions and still do everywhere – in many ways even more intrusive and invasive … and they are the ones that caused the entire mess to start anyway when they concealed the initial spread (occurrence, I should say) of the virus.

Not only concealed it, but blatantly and wilfully went ahead with large public gatherings etc despite being warned by Chinese doctors and other (soon to be) whistleblowers that what they were doing was very dangerous.

And now as two of the world’s largest economies teeter, and the US economy gets on shaky footing itself with the recent oil fiasco, I have this to say – it truly does seem that a few folks aside, the world in general its doing its best to create more of a “poor class” and STAMP out the middle class.

In other words, stamp out the true engines of global economy – small busineses and middle classes.

If there EVER was a time I’m glad I am NOT offering physical products – – that time is NOW!

And in terms of stamping out the middle class and creating a vast poor class (those that survive, at any rate), you may call me a “conspiracy theorist” (and that’s fine if you so choose), but this sort of thinking has been around for ages in the minds of those that truly GET IT.

Dan Kennedy once wrote about never being complacent.

“Don’t think the government won’t take all your savings if they really had to!” That was one of the lines he said in a book years back … or perhaps a newsletter, I can’t recall – and ‘tis TRUE, my friend.

Can’t trust government – ANY government – further than we can throw ‘em, or even less, and that’s why I’m a huge, huge supporter of the Second Amendment as well, hehe.

Anyway, enough of that.

THIS time, more than any other should propel you to learn two things.

One survival skills – and some of those, including taking care of your most basic needs (think going to the bathroom – or capturing FOOD) depend upon your physical fitness, and sorry if I’m offending someone by saying what I’m going to, but gym pumping and toning aint gonna cut it

You’ll need to be lean, mean and a FIGHTING machine, a caveman as it were in order to SURVIVE and THRIVE in this new world which I believe will be forced upon us very shortly, my friend.

And two, you need to learn a skill that will help you in ANY sort of economy – that being how to sell – and sell based upon the ECONOMY – either online or offline.

And admittedly online is easier to do during times of lockdown – – something most people can do, if they just put their minds to it.

Yours truly has been in the trenches (truly, hehe) and can guide you on exactly how to get going. Contact him if you’re so inclined, and we’ll see what we can workout, or if.

And that’s that for now . Back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of being LEAN and MEAN – a true FIGHTING machine – THIS is the course that will get you there (pics included on the page) –

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