“Sagarika” couldn’t be a WOLF – – but she sure COULD be a funeral director …
- ... why they can't make online classes for kids more INTERESTING is beyond me!

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(I was going to put off on sending this out for obvious reasons, but as that same annoying crappy song BLARES out for no reason whatsoever in a kids class of all things – well – I HAD to say it.

I’m pretty sure those that matter won’t see this, but hey, gotta put out my thoughts on the MESS that classes in general have become these days.

Oh – and just saw on the Internet that a few good docs are advocating just what I have been for AGES now – a) that lockdowns should be ended globally NOW because they don’t necessarily stop the spread of the virus – and b) because this virus is in essence (other than the higher mortality rates, but most that have contracted it have RECOVERED) pretty much the same as the flu and any other.

Wonder what took people so long to say what is COMMON SENSE. Senator Tom Cottons for one is well known for saying it like it is – and while I’m not in agreement with everything he’s got to say, I have to say this – EVERYTHING he’s saying about mainland China … is SPOT ON.

More on that later – for now, it’s back to Ms Sagarika…!)

So as I get done writing (or should I say SENDING) that last email or two here are my thoughts …

One, VIDEO calls DO SUCK – – BIG TIME – – and so does NOISE in general – – especially if its coming from the DUMBphone or the ‘puter for whatever reason.

Think audio calls, for instance, which could just as easily be done with a headphone. I mean I don’t know if I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t you say EVERYONE has headphones these days?

And yet, in mainland China, despite some citites having an actual law against it, you still have people blasting out music from their phones and listening to audio messages (again, I hate those, hehe) with scant regard for the person sitting next to them.

Hey, I get it.

Not everyone’s a wolf. I know, but as I hear “Sagarika” blare out “I am the Earth” (or some such variant of that kiddie song), I’m reminded of not a wolf – but a HEARSE – or more accurately, a FUNERAL procession.

Anyway, before I get into that, back to two – two being that bonafide wolves do NOT like slow, mournful tunes … and NOT R&B either, hehe …

Howls done right – – hell yeah. Think Denzel howling and “being a wolf, dog! Not a sheep!” in the classic Training Day …loved that movie, hehe.

But anyway, as the uber mournful strains of “I am here…., I am here…..” literally RESOUND in my ears despite the other laptop volume being down, I’m sitting here and shaking my head.

This is supposed to be a kids class – – an online class while in “lockdown” – – and (as I posted on my Wechat the other day) a PATHETIC and sorry ass excuse for what real classes should be.

In fact, and again, I get it.

We are all operating under constraints, and no, I ain’t referring to the online nature of the class as being retarded. In fact, online is good – as you know!

But there are some things that lend themselves best to IN PERSON as opposed to online.

The African silverback Gorilla – – a bonafide Gorilla if there ever was one Marc (remember him??) once told me that if I wanted to pick up tips (in addition to personal training ) on boxing, and how UFC fighters fought – Youtube would be a good place to start.

And don’t get me wrong – he was right in many ways, but again some things lend themselves better to IN PERSON.

I mean, I tried learning boxing for ages from You Tube videos, but when I actually showed up in person with Marc and actually DID the thing – including the drills he had me do (beginner drills, but hey, gotta start someplace) – – I was WHOOPED and quickly!

I don’t know if Marc expected that, hehe.

Maybe he did. I still remember him telling me once as he was watching me do pull-ups (after he made the comment about the “V shaped back”) …

“Oh, you’d last in the ring conditioning wise – – that’s for sure. At least three rounds or so … “

(that was in response to me telling him I didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell in an actual BOXING contest with him, hehe, and it’s TRUE)

Well, guess what. I lasted … but all of ONE round, and the next round was torture, and I could barely get my jab up in the third. Hehe.

And again, this is true. The same thing happened to Marc when he tried DIPS that day in the park – his arms was literally quivering like aspen leaves – or maple leaves in the Toronto breeze and all of this, my friend, shows you the value of IN PERSON training.

Some things just do NOT lend themselves well to online.

And while a skilled teacher CAN make the most of what he or she has got with regard to tools, “Sagarika” (so my daughter just informed me) ain’t really doing the best job either.

I mean, for Chrissake, these are YOUNG KIDS aged six and seven. And while my daughter is sitting there trying to join I can tell she is chomping at the bit … NOT to sing , which she LOVES, by the way, but to get back to Mickey Mouse on the phone (or perhaps Tom and Jerry).

Hey, those have “good vibes” going – – and this does NOT.

Anyway, wolf howls aside, here is yet another good reason why you need to choose in person training – – or at least the online equivalent with ME in case you’re looking to get in the best damned shape of your life.

Sure, my books, videos and products get the trick done, but when you’re learning from the Master himself (and I do NOT mean “Master” as in terms that you might think – I’m simply translating the Chinese word “shifu” over to English here) … or herself, for that matter, things are a lot different.

There is energy transfer that takes place that cannot take place merely through books, and online.

And while in person obviously isn’t possible for all of you, the next best thing is to apply for PERSONAL coaching from yours truly – – which pretty much ensures you get all the benefits of “in person” without being actually in “person”.

Still NOT as good as the best option, but hey, we wolves do the best we can hehe.

And on that wolf like note, I’m out. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – By the way, if you’re looking to join up with other fellow WOLVES – well – share them howls right HERE.

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