Getting pilloried for saying it like it IS – – and why Tom Cotton has it SPOT ON
- ... and so it IS, my friend.

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If there is one thing that I’ve noticed about those that say it like it is – it is this – while people listen to them, follow them, and READ everything they’ve got to say – they will never ever ADMIT upfront that the person is talking SENSE.

Especially not when a person “gets it” before the vast majority of the sheeple have, and in many cases even when they have.

I’ve often being pilloried by friends and family (and I don’t mind one damned bit, hehe) for saying it like it IS – both in terms of LIFE and in terms of other things.

I’ve been pointing out, for instance, ever since this blasted virus scare started that that is ALL it was – a scare – and yet, judging by some of the comments I’ve gotten on social media and the like, you’d think I was advocating the entire world turn itself over to the Third Reich or some such rubbish.

My friend Uncle Bob once told me,

“the nail that sticks out … usually gets hammered the FIRST”

And this is so true my friend – even if that nail is right.

I’ve said for a while now that the virus originated in China – which the leftists tried to deny despite there being CLEAR PROOF of such. I’ve said for a while now that they covered up what was going on in the mainland for ages … but I hadn’t said why, and reading what Tom Cotton said today, I see he’s got it spot on.

CCP Allowed Coronavirus To Spread Worldwide To Preserve China’s “Relative Power And Standing”

(  – there are MORE sources too)

And curiously enough, this was exactly what I told a friend of mine a while ago. I sent him articles showing and proving all of this – long before Donald Trump or anyone from the gang of “powers that be” said anything in public and the response I got was … “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories”.

This was in response to me telling him that the Chinese would gladly shoot themselves in the foot if it meant that the rest of the world would get “shot” as well. Ridiculous I know, but to anyone that has a working knowledge of how things function in China – both in terms of “face” and “irrational jingoism” … it’s TRUE, my friend – and we are seeing it happen even now in many areas if you look closely.

Curiously enough, or perhaps not, Cotton received the exact SAME response when he first brought up what were then dismissed as sheer lunacy coming from a U.S. Senator no less.

But he’s RIGHT – and now that things are starting to come out – and the public is being made aware of what happened, you’d think that people would apologize to Cotton – or at least have the cojones to admit he was RIGHT.

Nothing. Crickets. Other than a few opinion pieces here and there, the “silent majority” is being just that – silent.

Same thing when I point something out, either fitness wise or life wise.

I’ve been saying for years, for instance, that the ESL industry in China was DEAD – – due to reasons that should be obvious to anyone that hasn’t had his or her head stuck in the sand for donkey’s years, and EVERYONE I spoke to dismissed it as lunacy. (probably because they were scared of their pithy little dancing monkey jobs going out of the window, and they thought ignoring FACTS would stop the decline, and so forth…)

And now, when they see the REALITY unfold in front of them … CRICKETS.

Same thing for all the scams etc prevalent in mainland China. April has seen no less than FOUR scams – one of them being in education no less – the other being the “Luckin Coffee” scandal – and there were two more as well that I don’t want to bring up here.

And I’ve been saying this for AGES to folks that tom tom China and their “economic miracle”.

Their economy was always a house of cards – – that couldn’t withstand a two month partial lockdown amongst other things, and while I was routinely pooh poohed at for saying this – the fact is this my friends.

China is all gloss and glitter, and very little to actually BACK that up. I realize this may cause a lot of you to cough up their morning coffee, perhaps your latte, perhaps your late night beer, or whatever, but it’s TRUE – – and the facts that are coming out day by day back this assertion up perfectly well (something I could tell way back in 2003 when I first went there).

Anyway, for those of you that will jump up and down about it being an “anti China” piece – well – NO.

It’s not so much anti China as it’s doing something I’ve been routinely pilloried for, NEVER been given credit for – – that something being POINTING OUT THE FACTS.

If you want the FACTS, for instance, in terms of getting fit – in terms of being successful at what you do – or anything else – well – you know who to go to, hehe.

You know who the nail is that sticks out – and doesn’t much care about attempts being made to hammer him back in, hehe.

And so forth.

And that, my friend, is the mini-rant for today. Lesson learnt?

Say it like is – without fear – and unapologetically. There truly IS NO OTHER WAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

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