“Stop, stop stop no emails”
- Boo hoo!

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Well, well well! I was going to do expound on my reasons for why the China tom tommers annoy me no end – basically because these people can’t see reality for what it is (or choose to stick their heads in the SAND and ignore it, rather than come out and SAY IT), but that’s gotta wait for now, hehe.

Until I stop chuckling.

I sent out an email last night about governments and how they’re doing their best to squeeze the middle classes out of existence.

And I sent you one detailing an experience from my own LARDASS days … and while these two seemed to be pretty popular with this list (of around 15000, give or take, as I write this) – – it, or they seem to have STRUCK home more for ONE individual than others.

Here is the response to the first email from a person named (I’m copying and pasting direct from the name) “joke wamenhoven”. What a joke, eh. (and NO, before you start jumping up and down about it, I’m laughing more at the way he expressed himself than his actual name…)

I’m not going to make his email address public for obvious reasons, but the sheer manner in which this was said – bold, large font and BLUE color made me stop and pause when I normally woudn’t. Dude was clearly pissed about SOMETHING!

And as I scrolled down my inbox I saw the same response from him to email #2, only in bolder letters, and bigger font, as if to say “he who screams the loudest wins”.

“Stop, stop STOP no emails” (I’m pasting directly again!)

Dude, first off, a simple “unsubscribe” would be enough. There is no need to get your knickers in a twist about something which can just as easily be addressed via a single click – or WORD – and believe me, I ain’t gonna no sleep over unsubscribes as and when they happen.

I’ve never been overly concerned about being liked – just for saying it – like it IS.

Second, and this goes for everyone that can’t stomach the “Rahul” brand of emails or fitness instruction for that matter – there is a reason the unsubscribe link is provided at the bottom of every email.

If I’m NOT your cup of tea, then by all means go ahead and use that link – that is what it’s there for.

But don’t expect me to sit and not laugh when YOU are the one that signs up for my list (on the other site) … and YOU are the one that cannot follow simple instructions. And even those two things would be fine, but the way in which this dude said it makes me think he (or is it a she??) is on the rag – quite literally.

Anyway, enough of that.

When it comes to FITNESS, I’ve been well known for giving you the REAL scoop, my friend.

I’m not going to sit here, for instance, and hold your hand and say “Oh, yeah, I understand my friend” when you’re 50 or more lbs overweight and try and pass it off as “I’m just a big guy”.

I’m going to tell you to drop down and get your ass to work – DROPPING said pounds – NOW.

Tough “love”, maybe but that’s what gets results, and that’s what I’m all about – results. And if I offend a few, or more than a few, or the majority of people along the way, so be it. Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness are known for giving you the REAL scoop on everything – and that ain’t gonna change no matter what, my friend.

Results and FACTS I should say.

If you’re a lazy ass, for instance, and come to me for training – not only will I likely NOT train you – but I’ll tell you that you’re lazy, and that needs to change FIRST before you get on board any training program – not just mine.

If you come to me whining and moaning about how your legs hurt after a couple of days doing Hindu squats, well, suck it up my friend. You gotta stick with any program to get results, and if you can’t get past the basics – and even the first few days – then you just don’t have what it takes to make it. That’s fine by me, but don’t come crying to me about it, as I ain’t gonna have my ‘kerchief out ready to wipe them tears as it were.

If you piss and moan about a “gym being necessary”,then by all means please do NOT spend money on my programs – go ahead and buy the latest gizmos, and gym memberships, or whatever.

And so forth. Whatever it is – be aware and warned that if you come to Rahul Mookerjee for something then a) you get the REAL scoop and b) you might not necessarily get it sugar coated and c) you get RESULTS, especially when it comes to fitness. Practically guaranteed so long as you DO THE THING!

On that note, a friend of mine once told me in an annoyed manner (when we were discussing bodyweight exercise) that “he could pick me up and throw me out of the window”.

I didn’t respond, of course, but the fact is this – it ain’t that easy just “picking someone up and tossing him or her out of the window” for one. Especially not if the person knows how to block moves and such.

Second, and more importantly, us “fit” folk have a way of being picked up in a manner than will knock the average “big guy” (tub of lard) on their ASSES.

And third, perhaps even more importantly, would this dude even survive the aneurysm he’d get from huffing and puffing his arse off trying to get me off the floor?

Maybe that alone would get him in better shape than he is now, hehe.

So yes – all things said and done – DO feel free to unsubscribe if the above philosophy doesn’t suit you – and don’t let the door hit ya on the backside as you make your way out, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Results are indeed what count, and our testimonials page has a few testaments to this (I really gotta cut through the inbox clutter and get more of these out to YOU, but for now, what is on the site will suffice) – – read ‘em right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/testimonials/

P.S # 2 – While Rahul Mookerjee ain’t everyone’s cup of tea, the fact is, as even some of my most ardent detractors have said “Rahul’s got the wins on the board”. And the way I did was getting back to basics in terms of FITNESS, my friend. Click on over HERE if you so choose, and jump on board – and ditch the moaners and groaners, complainers and “going nowhere anytime soon” crowd. Join the ranks of a SELECT few my friend – the CHOSEN ones as they say – right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/groups/0-excuses-ship/

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