“Chowkidar” VS “Pehredar”
- ... today's post may be a bit of a Hindi tutorial as well, hehe.

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Ok, so for those that don’t really understand Hindi, the national language in India (one of them, at any rate), this email might come across as a tad mysterious, but Ill explain, hehe.

Once I stop chuckling.

My wife mentioned the difference between the two words today, and given the context in which it was used (and I ain’t gonna share that context here JUST AS YET, hehe) – it was so hilarious that I literally had to purse my lips shut not to spit out my black tea.

That’s right, you read that right.

Black TEA – not coffee, and along with GREEN TEA, it’s one of my nigh FAVORITE beverages, and also one of the most healthy, and one you should try on a regular basis!

Now in terms of the two words, I knew the first.

It translates to “watchman” or “neighborhood watchman” in English … and as for the second?

Well, I thought it was the first.

And as my wife mentioned the words, I piped up, giggling.

“Aren’t they both not the one and the same thing?” I queried. “Can you tell me the English for these words?”

Yours truly ain’t the best at Hindi, for those that are wondering!

“Forget the English!” was her response.

OK …

“So, “chowkidar” is that dude that goes around the locality – the HOOD in other words, banging a large stick on the ground as he walks, and yelling out to people “keep awake”?” – – is that right?

Now for those that don’t know India – – here is some background.

India for whatever reason has NOT gotten past the colonial era in many regards, and lots of colonial idiosyncrasies still perist in modern day India.

For instance, the “wine and beer” shops – – an awful indeed version of what you might expect from a liqor store (looks like the bootleggers in the hood quickly put up a tin shack on the road and a shuttered one at that, making you feel like you’re checking in at Central Jail in New Delhi as opposed to go to buy beer or whatever) … and NOT what you’d expect from “modern day India”.

And the neighborhood watchman is another relic.

I still remember him yelling out loud “stay awake, folks!” at night when I was a little kid, and even then, I Remember thinking.

Damn, this dude’s got a job most of us would not want, hehe. Think yelling and patrolling all night long … but then again, if you’re a WOLF as I am, it might just work.

Back to the other word.

That’s basically a “security guard” – – the sort of private security you see in gated establishments and communities for the rich in the US of A, and of course in front of every house pretty much in India – – and plenty of them in apartment complexes in china (including the one yours truly resides in, hehe).

And the difference between them were why I was chuckling, and again, as for context, and that’s very important to this one … you’ll have to wait!

Or you could guess, hehe.

Now, how does this relate to fitness?

Well, it DOES.

Are you the “chowkidar” that prowls on the silent, much like a curious WOLF does, poking your nose into everyone’s business, but doing so unobtrusively and SILENTLY?

Taking note of what everyone is doing, just so you have enough for the evening gossip session over a couple of brandies on a cold night hehe.

And of course, ever ready to proffer advice when its’ NOT WANTED, hehe.

And in terms of your fitness … doing exactly jack SQUAT, and I don’t mean squat either. Hehe. I should say … well, you get the drift.

Or are you the STERN SECURITY GUARD that refuses to let anything – – I mean anything – – interfere with your ROUTINE – and your DAY – – and your fitness routines – and could care less what others do or think?

Wolves – – a lot of us, at any rate, fall into THIS category my friend.

We could care less what others think of us. We stick to our own devices most of the time.

We workout by our LONESOME in the DARKNESS of our bedroom, and (as I’m doing now) we pull the curtains when there is bright sunshine outdoors and write our emails in … you got it, pitch darkness, hehe.

We DO EMERGE on occasion, but only to refuel with FOOD – and then it’s back to emailing and working out (or for those of us that work otherwise, that).

I don’t know which category you fall into – – but I DO KNOW which one I fall  into!

Hehe. And as my wife emails me back about some shenanigans I emailed her about (apparently a celebrity cricketer in India’s wife is sucking his toes – eww, I know – and has put the photo on – GET THIS – the NATIONAL newspaper website, and they’re marketing that as being something worthwhile to watch …!), it reminds me of just how GLAD I am to be a wolf, a bonafide one at that.

We don’t get perturbed by lockdowns either, hehe – – I should say, and we do NOT get up to silly shenanigans as the celebs do – – or are made to, perhaps – – but that’s a different tale for a different day!

I’ll be back soon – – in the meantime, please DO decide which side of the pond YOU fall on, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For “chowkidar” like workouts, well, you might as well just click away. Long, drawn out routines that lead nowhere but here – FRUSTRATION-VILLE …

P.S #2 … but if you’re looking for true “pehredar” workouts – stern, practical stuff that WORKS – – well – – go right HERE, my friend.

P.P.S. – I know, I know. You want context. But you’ll have to wait for now, hehe.

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