On tough love, and more …
- ... sometimes, 'tis much required!

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Flashback to seventh grade … or perhaps it was eighth.

Or perhaps seventh and eighth both … ah, until 9th actually.

‘Twas around 4  P.M. on weekdays, 4-5 or 530, I think it was, if I remember correctly.

And somewhere between that time, I remember yelping in pain … and AGONY.

Quite literally, as I was in taekwondo class, and my partner would stretch my groin out … thoroughly and then some.

These were the sideways groin stretches, not the splits. You’d basically assume a seated position on the ground and then slowly “open the legs” (as our instructor, a third degree black belt I believe liked to call it) as far as you could.

For most people, including myself, that was not a whole hell of a lot. Actually, I was even MORE inflexible, a problem that persists until today in terms of my hamstrings and groin.

And what the good coach would have us do is sit in front of each other in turns, and take turns pushing each other legs apart … as far as they would go. Quite literally, and boy that was painful!

I still remember the coach grinning at me once when I was pretty much bent over in agony.

“He can take more”, he told my partner.

And I could apparently, as my coach pushed us ALL to the limit, and then some (kiddie limits for sure, but still).

And  that was nothing compared to the beatings he handed out – – in public – – to his son, who was even younger than us. It made me shudder, even at that young age … even in a time where we would get routinely punished physically and more (and sometimes hurt bad as well).

Curiously enough, none of this “hurt” the kid in a permanent manner if you did it right (and granted, most don’t).

Tough love, my friend is EXACTLY what a lot of kids – and adults need these days, and believe me, with the way the world is headed these days, TOUGHENING up is pretty much what most people need.

Especially our kids.

Kids these days are mollycoddled to an extreme, and there is NO better example than my dear daughter, who I love to a T, and would never DREAM of paddling – but who needs some “tough love” on occasion anyway, especially with too much time spent on the dumbphone and virtually ZERO time spent doing HW etc.

Hey, don’t get me wrong.

I ain’t Tiger Dad by any stretch – but there are certain skills a kid must learn regardless, and those basic skills must be learnt.

The LAST thing I want my daughter to do is to turn into a mollycoddled brat – and thankfully, she’s NOT that at all (she’s actually pretty well behaved other than the occasional kiddie tantrum, but that’s fine and expected, hehe).

Trouble is, most ADULTS these days fit the exact same description I just gave you above.

The freebie seekers, for instance, that over-estimate their self worth and think the world owes them a living.

Newsflash – no it doesn’t!

The “entitled” who believe everything comes with a MINIMUM of commitment and effort, and want to be pandered to, and God forbid anyone that DARE to tell ‘em anything different.

The complainers, moaners, groaners, pissers and moaners that never actually get around to doing what they say they will do “tomorrow”. Somehow, tomorrow never comes!

As I was discuss martial arts with a friend this evening, this thought struck me. And it also struck me that (in addition to martial arts being an AWESOME full body workout) what my coach did was pretty much what needs to be done with the vast majority of ADULTS out there.

Not necessarily smack ‘em silly, but sometimes, a good kick to the ole rumpus won’t hurt … if anything, it may just get said person off their ass and actually get them to DO something.

Anyway, martial arts is a great workout, and some of the exercises in 0 Excuses Fitness are taken straight out of a martial artist’s coaching manual.

Some of the stretches in Corrugated Core are as well.

And so forth. The best darn exercise, for one, is a stretch far better than the one I described above for your entire body – – and specifically the back and spine.

Good news is this though – you don’t need to be a martial artist, or even take martial arts class etc to get good at these exercises, my friend. My books and products will show you how – if you just FOLLOW the instructions, and do the things.

If you whine about it being too hard, it ain’t for ya.

If you cling to the “I’m a big guy so I can’t do chins” notion, well,goody and more power to you, but 0 Excuses Fitness is NOT for you.

And if you trot out the age old “bodyweight exercises are easy”, well, double goody. Keep pumping away at the gym, hehe. No skin off my nose!

And if that’s enough tough love for ya … well, GOOD again.

Get your rumpus over to the following URL – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ – and get started on that toned, trim and MUSCULAR physique you’ve ALWAYS wanted!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the Gorilla Grip compilation right here – truly the BEST compilation out there on building a rock solid, cast iron GRIP of STEEL, that kung fu like grip if I might say so …

P.S #2 – And don’t get me wrong. The good coach was good at handing out compliments too … but ONLY when we really, really deserved it, and that is how it SHOULD BE. I still remember the daily pushups, and him walking by me and saying “Good!” … as my chest touched the floor on each rep as opposed to the majority of the other students that were “simply going through the motions”, hehe.

P.P.S – I’ve always been a huge fan of pushups, and it’s no wonder that I came out with the MOST comprehensive manual there is out there on PUSHUPS, is it? Check it out right here.

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