Is 20 minutes long enough to get a GREAT workout in?
- Yes - and maybe no!

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So, I just saw a Tweet from a fitness “guru” (I think so, hehe) proclaiming that while 20 minutes wasn’t a long time or even an ideal amount of time to workout, you can still get “plenty done”.

And then he posted the following workout …

5 minute warm up

4 sets pushups/mountain climbers

4 sets explosive jumps/lunge

Back pedal sprints

4 sets half burpees

8 sets on the spot low spints/squat thrusts/squat jumps

Now, I know NOT who the target audience was here, my friend. If it was Crossfitters, or tri athletes, or even perhaps those starting on 0 Excuses Fitness, well, I’d say he was right.

But if it’s the average adult out there – or the average lardass out there -I’d say even 5 minutes of what he mentioned is way too much.

In fact, I would NOT be kidding if I told you that the average person cannot do the following –

Do 10 perfect, slow pushups

Hold a plank comfortably for more than a few seconds (by that I mean on palms and toes, not knees)

Do more than 25 regular Hindu squats done at regular cadence

And more, but the above three take about a few minutes – 5 tops – and the person is SPANKED after they’ve done all this.

Now if you’re talking the 0 Excuses faithful, or those that have been on said workouts … well, 20 minutes allows you to get a LOT in.

200-250 pushups, for one (certainly not just 4 sets of pushups!) along with 50 or so squats. And then a bit of stretching, bridging etc after that.

All of this took me 25 minutes in the video I posted in the System – the workout video as it were, and as the workout the person posted on Twitter, well, let me just say it wouldn’t tax me a lot at all – but if you’re talking the average joe … heck yes.

But while the workout itself isn’t bad, there’s one problem with it. Too complicated, and somewhat structured – – at least way too much for my liking.

Often times Ill go into a workout without a pre-determined plan, for one. In fact, my plan for the 0 Excuses Fitness video was actually a 100 pushups and 100 squats, but it morphed into something else, and hey, that’s how workouts are in real life, which is why I left the numbers as they are.

And 20 minutes is enough time to …

Stretch before, and after a set of 500 squats, and still have a few minutes to spare.

Or, bang out a pushup workout.

Or perhaps climb a hill quickly once, and descend.

The key of course, is to do something – every day – on a daily basis. And if 20 minutes is “too long for you”, or if 20 minutes is too difficult, well, guess what – start SMALL my friend.

In fact, for most people out there, I’d recommend 5-10 minute workouts to begin with – not 20 right off the bat.

5 minute workouts that get you huffing and puffing. Simple workouts that you can do right there in your living room – and then some – and start burning off that nasty FAT.

Once you get better at the 5 minute workouts, work up to more. 20 is probably IDEAL for most people if done right – – let alone “not being ideal” – – but if you’re a workout fanatic, like that dude probably is, you can definitely go for longer.

I know I did, and I continue to do these days … but it isn’t ESSENTIAL. Whats really required is 15-20 minutes of intense activity per day – and that’s really what keeps you in great, great shape overall.

Last, but not least, the main area where 0 Excuses Fitness scores above and OVER the workout above is the FIRST part i.e. warm ups.

The exercises in themselves are a warm up, therefore eliminating the need to warm up separately. You CAN if you so choose – but you don’t need to, and this alone saves a ton of time for most people (remember how you dawdle sometimes when “warming up”? Yeah. I thought so!)

As for stretching, that can again be done if you NEED to after your workouts but given the way some of these workouts stretch the entire body from head to toe – you don’t necessarily HAVE to. More time saved, and that’s always a plus (I remember several QUICK and dirty workouts I’ve gotten in the past when time was of the essence, and I simply did my workout – lopped off to the shower, and was out the door to do what I had to shortly thereafter).

And that’s how it should be. Short, sweet and simple – and on that note – I’m out for now! Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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