“That’s something you should do on the side!”
- And side is all it'll remain if you approach it with that attitude!

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I saw an interesting quote from Napoleon Hill the other day when writing the LinkedIn piece on … I think hypocrisy, it was.

I’ve got a few more planned, and written actually, but here is the quote in its entirety.

The #1 reason people fail is because they listen to friends, family and neighbors.

And this quote stopped me in my tracks – and HIT me with the force of a Mike Tyson punch (metamorphically speaking, of course, but you get my drift!)

Back in the day, one of the ventures I was trying to get off the ground was an I.T. venture where I’d work my day job, and do my own thing by night building websites for clients.

It quickly became nigh apparent to me that this “doing it on the side” was NOT going to work if I wanted to really try and make it on my OWN – my lonesome as it were.

Lets face it, folks

After a full day of work – wherein you get BORED – depressed – frustrated at NOT doing what you want with your life – not to mention a job that takes up your most productive hours and then some – you’re hardly in the frame of mind to handle a new business full on, by yourself with no support.

And the programmers I worked with and their results reflected it.

Though I’d pay them well, their work was shoddy – and the clients complained – and it wasn’t they were bad coders or designers.

In fact, they did STELLAR work for their own clients at their full time jobs.

But what I was offering them was always “part time” or “easy money” (according to them) that they could hammer out on the side while they’d devote their main energies to their OWN full time jobs.

And that, my friend ain’t the way to build a solid roster of appreciative clients, which is pretty much #1 for any successful biz (or should be at any rate!)

And yet, of course, when I announced this to my family, the answer was predictable.

“That’s something you should do on the side” was what my Dad told me.

Mother? Nothing at all, but I could feel the vibe. Oh, him?? How can HE ever do anything himself?

My Uncle a few months ago was more adventurous in this regard and said something that made sense from a certain perspective about expanding out and BEYOND my bedroom, and to be honest, this made sense from a certain perspective.

Yet, that’s not what I wanted …

And here is what I’m going to tell you my friend (by the way, the above was the POLITE version of what I was told – both by my FRIENDS – and FAMILY. I wasn’t married by then, and if I was, I can just imagine my wife’s reaction to it as well).

When you do something on the side then guess what my friend.

It will NEVER, EVER become your full time job or full time “gig” unless you MAKE it.

You HAVE TO BE WILLING TO cut off all backup – and “security” and stability in order to really make it. And that might take years for some. Ain’t no shortcuts, but when you get there – it will be all worth it my friend.

Don’t believe me?

Think I don’t know nothing?

Think I’m full of it?

Well, do what Andrew Carnegie said (and indeed, told Napoleon Hill back in the day).

Study the most successful people in any endavor (Hill studied 500, but you get to study the number of your CHOICE) – and tell me about their failures before the ultimate success.

The heartbreaks.

The times where it was them against the whole world, and somehow they found the courage to keep fighting.

An idea, as Twain said, is only applauded AFTER and IF it succeeds.

“The man with an idea is considered a CRANK until he succeeds”.

And this is so true, my friend.

WINNING is what counts.

And it is only by cutting off all sources of retreat that you can maintain the state of mind necessary in order to WIN – and SUCCEED.

Hill speaks of a famous general that once sent his troops into battle way back in the day.

I’ve written about this before, but Ill mention it again.

The troops were vastly outnumbered both in terms of manpower and weaponry.

And yet, they were asked to BURN their ships by the Commanding General.

They had no CHOICE!

They had to WIN, or PERISH …. And win they did.

And while that’s the stuff of legend, that’s the stuff WINNERS are made of.

Which you are, only you can decide, my friend.

And before I end, remember that THIS attitude is what gets you there in terms of fitness as well.

You can’t have any safety nets in terms of “Oh, it doesn’t matter, I’ll get it done tomorrow”.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter if I don’t finish those last 10 pushups”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter! I’ll get to cardio later”

And so forth.

And ALL of the above is TRUE, and I’ve experienced it personally in my life, and continue to do so on a nigh DAILY BASIS my friend.

What you take away from it … is … again …

Up to YOU!

And that’s that for now. Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can find the fitness routines that CHAMPS and WINNERS (both in life and the physical arena) are literally MADE of – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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