More on blatant and sheer HYPOCRISY
- Boy I cant stand hypocrites!

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A while back, I was talking to an Aussie friend of mine who was down in the dumps.

He was having trouble with his life … business … whatever it was, you name it.

And I should say he makes up a part of the expat community currently in China (the ESL sort) and while I don’t have a high opinion of this bunch in general (you know this, and for obvious reasons), I for whatever reason thought this dude was different from the rest if just for his professional background (or so it seems at any rate).

This dude for what its worth is a bonafide, card carrying China tom tommer as well …

But anyway, before I get into that, he was having trouble paying his bills, and his girlfriend (who he lives on – dirty little secret, but hey, I ain’t gonna name and shame here hehe) apprarently wasn’t willing to do so yet again.

Or something.

And his entire rant was about “I’ve had enough of China! I’m leaving! This business is useless!”

As you might imagine, I did my version of counseling for him as a friend.

Told him the same things I tell YOU in terms of persistence, stickability and what not, and for all you know, it could have been water off a duck’s back (much like one of my other friends, this dude has selective hearing and only hears what he “wants to”, hehe).

Anyway, he was all packed and ready to leave apparently.

And while I was walking back to my apartment at the time, and was on 4G , the signal suddenly petered out, and so I didn’t chat with him for 10 minutes.

Upon arriving home, I sent him a note.

“Hey man. You booked your flight as yet or not?”

And what ensured shortly thereafter not only shocked me to the core, but irritated me no end, and I suppose, although hindsight is always 20/20, it shouldn’t have.

Turns out his girlfriend paid his bills, and all was rosy with China – – his business, and the WORLD in general —  until the next time he needed help.

I asked him why on earth he made me expound valuable energy trying to help him when he was obviously just creating a scene (being a drama queen) in order to get the cash from her.

Crickets, obviously.

And a short while later, as I saw his business posts look and SAY the exact opposite of what he did in PRIVATE, I called him out  on it, and of course. Crickets.

I believe he’s deleted me since then, but I’m not sure.

And look, that’s fine if you’re a China tom tommer and still believe that (with everything that has happened over the years and has been proven, and is happening now) China is the best place on earth to a) live and b) do biz (while complaining up a storm privately), then sure, that’s your business.

If you still believe China is the next America, well, by all means, have at. And so forth.

I might rant about it occasionally, but hey, I’m not going to even bother commenting on the sheer stupidity of such thought processes more than I need to or feel compelled to.

But more than anything else, this to me smacks of hypocrisy, and as I’ve said before, I can tolerate pretty much anything but back stabbing (remember the dude I wrote about in an email a few emails prior to this) and hypocrisy.

And it relates to fitness as well, and how you ask?

Well, those that diss bodyweight exercise publicly privately WANT to be able to do ‘em – and do ‘em in high reps, as evidenced by my recent email tests on fitness and the responses I’ve gotten.

I know, I still gotta get test #3 out to you … and I will shortly.

But for now … hypocrisy.

The same guys that rant about bodyweight exercises being easy, and “I can pick you up and throw you through the window” are the EXACT same guys that say they want to do pull-ups – and privately do everything they can to find out how.

The SAME guys that claim “I’m big, but not fat” are usually the ones that secretly hanker after the six pack . . .

And so forth.

And if you fall into any of these categories, or something similar, well, you’re one of the fitness hypocrites then. Sorry if that causes offense, but it’s true. I can’t stand hypocrisy . . . and if you’re one of the ones that has the balls to say what you think without fear of losing business, or “what other people will think”?

Well- -kudos, my friend. You’re part of an elite and ever decreasing group. Hit me up for a beer one of these days … we’ll get along like a house on fire!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – If you just admitted to yourself (albeit perhaps privately) that you DO fall into one of the above categories, well, GOOD. You’ve just taken the first step to becoming the exact OPPOSITE of a hypocrite by recognizing that a problem exists (again, albeit privately) . . .

P.S #2 – Check out our products page right here, my friend. No matter what your fitness needs, we’ve got something for YOU. Truly a “one stop fitness shop”, hehe.

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