What do I really want?
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I received some very positive feedback indeed on my last email about “Which man truly knows himself”, and one of the questions was about a person trying to figure out what exactly he wanted out of life.

Despite having a GOOD job . . . and a salary some might regard as being “very comfortable indeed”.

Despite having a happy family, and owning his own home, and a car (they have plans to buy a second one from what I can tell).

And despite being “outwardly successful in all regards”.

It’s amazing, but when you ask people the question as to “what they want out of life” – most of them cannot answer this definitively!

And in terms of HOW to figure out WHAT you want out of life – – well, I’ve put together a little guide on another site I write on (for, perhaps), and it’s a question often asked by those that I coach (even though those are fitness related questions).

For example, “I’m not sure what I want. I think I want a six pack. But I also want to look strong, big and massively strong!”

And believe it or not, people DO email with questions like this, unable to decide what they WANT.

Either out of life or fitness, and this isn’t just a question “some” people wrestle with.

Most do, until . . .

I know I did until a while back!

And while I won’t be laying out EXACTLY what to do in this email to find out what you really, really want out of life (after all, that’s what my coaching programs are for) . . . I WILL tell you this.

What do I WANT.

And I’ll talk life here.

In the last email I spoke about Napoleon Hill mentioning in Outwitting the Devil that no amount of money would ever make him happy.

And this comment, more than any other (although there are plenty of other questions in the book and plenty of other STATEMENTS made that are just as valuable and thought provoking) STUCK . . . in my mind, if not my craw!

And I “flash backed” to all the jobs I’ve left over the years, before finally deciding very definitively that I DID NOT want a job no matter what.

No matter if I was broke (at the time of deciding, sometimes I was!).

No matter if people complained. Moaned. Groaned. No matter if people yelled up and down about “stability working for other people”.

No matter what my “family” thought of me “sitting at home”.

Ah, sitting at home. There we go.

THAT is what I want, my friend . . . in the right environment.

It might sound amazing, but I do NOT want a bazillion dollars as bad as I want the FREEDOM to sit at home and do my own thing .  .  . in an environment of my OWN choosing.

I do NOT want a bazillion dollars NEAR as bad as I want (and have) FREEDOM.

I do NOT want money, any amount as bad as I prefer and WANT a hill right next door to my house where I can exercise as I like at a TIME OF MY CHOOSING!

And so forth.

YES – – for me, what works is being a caveman, and I’ve structured my life and business accordingly.

Much like it did with Napoleon Hill, Steve Jobs (I know, I know, how dare Rahul Mookerjee DARE to put his name on par with them, hehe) BEFORE they became successful (true and lasting success, not fleeting), this has caused and continues to cause to this day MUCHO friction with family and myself, and friends as well.

Not to mention the casual “person on the road” as it were.

Working? Huh? As a friend recently told me, how can you work from home?

This despite said friend knowing about 0 Excuses Fitness . . .

To work, you have to go to an office, he said. You have to step out of your home! You can’t work from a cave!

And so forth. Exactly what my family keeps telling me (and those that do NOT tell me directly think that, hehe) – – and to all these people, thank you very much my friends and family.

Rahul Mookerjee has just told you what he wants, and Rahul Mookerjee does what he wants, and GETS IT.

And so it shall.

And while I’ve detailed what I want life wise, here’s my question to you.

Fitness wise, or life wise – what do YOU WANT?

Be pithy and direct when answering this, and tell me the FIRST thing that pops into your mind.

I’ll be awaiting your reply.


Rahul Mookerjee

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